LSM - This weeks final layout

Ladies - it is with great pleasure, and I mean that, that I present you with the this week's edition of The League of Shirtless Men. Please come back next week and we'll add to the members. Who's bringing the cookies????

The fabulous Tatum Channing and Jason Taylor (note: Dancing with the Stars finalist)

David Beckham

Taye Diggs

Eddie Cibrian (Ban's nominee) and Eric Dane aka McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy

Josh Holloway and the Nameless Cowboy from Lyon's Lair (Jen's nominee)

Naveen Andrews and Jonathan Rhys Meyer (Janet's nominee)

Mark Wahlberg (Silver's nominee) and Hugh Jackman (sigh)
Raja Bell, a former Phoenix Sun and Christian Delafuente (note: Dancing with the Stars Semi-Finalist)

I would just like to say that blogger isn't very picture friendly (at least that I can figure out) so bare with me on the amateur layout.


  1. *keeps hands to herself* Yeah, baby. LSM rules! And I drool!

  2. I'm glad you like being a member of the LSM club. We're all about the drool...or something like that... *grin*

  3. It's hard to eat cookies when I'm drooling - but I'll try. A beautiful league of shirtless men. And, ban, thank you for your suggestion - he's the exact picture I needed for my Mac.

  4. Janet - See, not only is the LSM for entertainment and drooling purposes, but it's also inspires hot romantic male leads. What more can you ask for in a website????

    Who's Mac?

  5. Mac's my hero in my current WIP - I've had a picture of him in my head, but could never find anything close in actual men - ban's suggestion is perfect.

    He's the hero I spoke about in my "I Need a Hero" blog post - you may have been distracted by the shirtless fireman picture I posted. Hey - he'd be great for your LSM. I'll e-mail him to you:)

  6. Ah, I do remember that post now that you mention it.