I take it back. Jason O'Mara is Joe Morelli

I owe Jason O'Mara an apology. When I heard he has been cast as Joe Morelli I was not a happy person. When I was waiting for the movie to start, I was prepared to be disappointed in Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli.

Jason, I am sorry. You rocked Joe Morelli. The whole time I was sitting in the theater I just kept thinking 'he's channeling his inner Mel Gibson. Holy crap, he's so amazing.' So, while I haven't enjoyed anything else that you've done, not due to your acting, due to content, I hope they turn the Evanovich books into a series of movies and you get your chance to just be amazing.

That's all. Happy Hump Day!


Losing Weight is Hard

So as I mentioned before, I've signed up for Weight Watchers. I've been on it for two weeks, but have only gone to one meeting. Why you ask, cuz I couldn't print out the temporary card cuz my printer is a piece of crap. It doesn't get any more honest than that.

The woman who runs the 50+ lbs to lose meeting is a success story. She has lost over 135 lbs and kept it off. HOLY CRAP! Now she's a Zumba instructor and rocks the house. She's a petite hard body and I'm totally jealous. Over 135 lbs!!!! Did you catch that?? How freaking amazing is that???

Anyway, I went to my first meeting and it was PACKED. All the regulars said, "you can tell it's January," which of course means come February this room won't be so full. Damn resolutioners. There were so many people in this meeting I was shocked. I brought a book in case I was bored before we got started. Silly me. One of the big topics at this meeting was setting realistic goals. Don't set your goal for 100 lbs., set it for 5% of your weight. Don't set a goal of working out every day, set a goal of working out three days a week. Things like that. So this lady sitting in front of me says that she has set a goal of walking five days a week. I'm thinking that's very motivated of her. She has a tape workout that she's going to be following and she's psyched. So, she's decided on what kind of exercise, she's decided on how many days a week, she has her walkman and her tape all ready to go. I'm thinking she's done good. I'm proud of her. And then this little blond Chiquita pops up and says "all that's great but she didn't say how long she was going to be walking every day." I leaned over the lady next to me and whispered, "I don't like her."

Don't misunderstand, I know she was trying to be helpful. Ensure that all of the goals were actually met etcetera but couldn't we just give the lady a little kudos for being and thorough as she was? I mean this was her first week too. I thought she did a splendid job.

So throughout this meeting the little blond Chiquita keeps popping up with comments. She has a comment on everything. She's apparently been doing this for a while. She's SO GOOD that she's set up an eating plan for her boyfriend AND she doesn't have to use the e-tools cuz she's just plain fabulous. The meeting is only 30 minutes long. She's killing me. It's all I can do to keep my mouth shut and let her speak.

Finally the meeting ends and all of us newbies stay behind for the "Starter Meeting". I'm really interested. I think I can do this. This is why I signed up for meetings. I need to hear from people every week who are making this system work for them. I need encouragement and I need someone to answer the questions I have. Like, what do I do instead of pasta??

How are your resolutions coming along?

BTW, I signed up for GoodReads.com, loving this site.


100+ Books in 2012

I didn't get to 100 books last year, I blew it. Again. I only reached 70 books, not that it's a bad number, it isn't, but it's not 100. Last year I think I hit 75 or so. I am determined though, I'm going to do it again. I will hit it this year. I will. My husband has decided to keep track of how many books he's reading this year too. I think he's just curious.

Also, I have a question for all of you. On my sidebar I list the books that I am reading and listening to as well as a book that I recommend. Do you guys ever look at that? Be honest.

If you want to join the 100+ books in 2012 just click here. Come on, join the fun!


Eating Healthy is Hard...and expensive....and...

For my own health I have decided I want to lose 80 lbs this year. There. I said it out loud. Sort of. In order to do this I joined Weight Watchers. I have used Weight Watchers before but only briefly. There was a family crisis, I went off track and never got back on. I'm going to be better this time.

I went to the grocery store and got healthy snacks. Quakes, Rice Cakes (great with hummus and peanut butter), pop chips (SUPER YUM), salad stuff, frozen "diet" entrees for work lunches, you know, "healthy" stuff. It cost me a fortune. What's up with that? Thank goodness the lettuce was on sale.

I'm sure there's a better way to do this and am open to suggestions.

What are you doing for your health?