Stories Keep Coming . . .

Why is it that the stories keep coming to me even though the writing process hasn't been part of my life for many many months now?

I was at work the other day, cuz I have to do that instead of write, and the song Candle In The Wind came on my player, you know, the one by Elton John, anyway, for those of you who don't know, I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan. I'm not sure fan is the right word. She intrigues me. Everything about her life and death. I find her fascinating. So, while this song is playing I'm thinking about all the things that I have learned about her from the many many different books that I have read. How the public perceived her, how other actors perceived her and then how she perceived herself.

Wouldn't ya know it, a story came to mind. It's a story about an actress who has finally popped into the Hollywood scene. She's blonde, has a beauty mark, curves that would wreck a Ferrari and a type-casting problem. She's played the stupid high school girl, a porn star and the bimbo more times that she can recall. Her agent assures her better roles are right around the corner. She's thinking about switching agents.

Her adoring fans are numerous but there's one in particular who stands out. He's stalking her. The serious worry began when the creepy deliveries to her home started. Her agent has hired her a bodyguard until this gets worked out.

The bodyguard is a hard body retired SEAL. (I think) He's sure the actress is an idiot and can't believe he's been stuck babysitting her. Sure she's nice to look at but he prefers women who can think without smoke coming out of their ears.

The actress thinks her bodyguard is a thug who couldn't think his way out of a paper bag. She's pretty sure her agent was scraping the bottom of the barrel for this loser.

These two are stuck with each other 24/7 until this whole mess gets resolved. What could possibly go wrong?

That's it. Thanks for letting me share. One day this might be a complete story. Think it will be before I retire?