Alpha Men

So I've been debating posting my rant about Michael Vick and I've decided against it. I can't imagine anything I say is going to change anything so I'm going to get over it, (yeah, right) and move on.

So let's talk about something really fun! MEN. Not just any men. Alpha men. I would like all of my blog readers, both of you, *snicker* to tell me what it is about alpha men that drives you crazy in a good way and crazy in the bad way. What makes a man an "alpha" in your opinion and what makes him just a big huge jerk? Also, who is your alpha man and what book is he in. This is my way of trying to get some research done without having to actually do any researching. ;) Thanks for your help, you guys are the best!


A Sad Farewell *sniff*

I have sadly said goodbye to Jack & Carly. I have filed them away in a manila folder in my filing cabinet in hopes that maybe, one day, I will be able to do something to their story that will make it work. This is not that day though.

However, Megan is excited that Jack & Carly are finally where they belong, in her opinion. She has been bugging me endlessly to get to her story. Together Megan and I had a brief outline, then she changed it. Originally, she was in Texas on business, but we were having problems making that work. With that change we changed her back story a little bit. We took her abusive husband from an every day jackass to a "business man" with questionable practices. The kind that dumps bodies in the river with cement shoes. Maybe the son her father never had. Maybe the man he had "take over" his business when he died from some life threatening disease, like being a mob Don or cancer. Maybe this protege helped him along in illness. . . hmmmm, something else to think about.

This is how the process of a new story starts out for me. A bunch of possibilities to throw together and see what's going to work best. How about you? How does the process begin?



In honor of Pre-Season Football, I bring you the hotties of the NFL.

BTW, I found this blog post on my search. Kinda interesting. . .

I think I may start watching Aussie Football too. YUM!


Jeanine IS America's Favorite Dancer!

So deserving! I honestly expected Brandon to win, and frankly, he deserved to, so I am sad for him. SO EXCITED JEANINE WON!!!!!! Here's some of her best. . .


Jeanine & Brandon

I have publicly said that Brandon is my favorite dancer on So You Think You Can Dance. If he wins, I will be super excited for him, he certainly deserves it. Having said that, I love Jeanine. I think she's just wonderful and I hope she wins, my DD and I voted for her for an hour last night. Here's a couple clips of my favorite Jeanine dances.


Bad Boys LSM Day!

For this special day "shirtless" is not required. Who is your favorite bad boy? Here are some of mine: James Ford aka Sawyer, Lost; Tyler, Step Up; Mark Sloan aka McSteamy, Grey's Anatomy; James, Twilight; Dom, Fast & Furious; and last but certainly first in my heart, Cole Turner, Charmed.