Alpha Men

So I've been debating posting my rant about Michael Vick and I've decided against it. I can't imagine anything I say is going to change anything so I'm going to get over it, (yeah, right) and move on.

So let's talk about something really fun! MEN. Not just any men. Alpha men. I would like all of my blog readers, both of you, *snicker* to tell me what it is about alpha men that drives you crazy in a good way and crazy in the bad way. What makes a man an "alpha" in your opinion and what makes him just a big huge jerk? Also, who is your alpha man and what book is he in. This is my way of trying to get some research done without having to actually do any researching. ;) Thanks for your help, you guys are the best!


  1. Mmmmm...alpha men. You are talking my favorite subject, Erika. *beg*

    What I love -- they are strong, they take control, they don't take no shit, and most the time they know what they want. They are leaders.

    What I hate-- sometimes they take too much control, they think they know it all when they almost always don't, they rarely show their feelings-- they usually cover it up with some manly trait. Some have tempers. But I think that comes from being high strung. Most alpha's are high strung. Not necessarily hyper-- but intense.

    Course my favorite alpha fictional man is my character Jake from ON EDGE. I like him more than my ML in my current WIP. Although he is hot too.

    My real fave alpha is my hubby. He is sooo alpha. Seriously alpha. And I love that about him...most the time. ;)

  2. Hmmm ... good question. The first thing I think of when I think of an Alpha male is confidence. In some, this will turn to arrogance, which is what makes a 'big huge jerk' but when tempered with a strong sense or what is 'right' & what is 'wrong' you get a hero.
    I'd love to give you some examples in my work but I write mostly bad boy/lost soul mixtures. They are strong but content to stay in the background. They let the Alpha lead but so help him if he does something 'wrong' ... BB/LS is quick to step up and point out any and all mistakes.
    I prefer reading charaters like this too, which is why I liked Zsadist better in JR Ward's book than Wrath. Give me dark and brooding any day. That said, I did enjoy Adam in Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson series. He wasn't just an Alpha male - he was an Alpha Werewolf ;)

  3. Kira, do you have a favorite alpha male from something I could read??? Unless of course you're willing to let me read ON EDGE.

    Ban, I like Zsadist too, but Rhage is my favorite brother. I will have to check out the Mercy Thompson series. I need to make sure I get the alpha male right! Research, research. *sigh*

  4. Kira ... if you're gonna let her read then you have to let me read too !!!

    Erika: I'll give my book selection a once over and see if I can't find a few more Alphas for you. The MT series is great, don't get me wrong - I love reading it but it's a bit on the 'light' side of paranormal - nothing too dark or complicated. There are plenty of Alphas though ...

  5. Alpha males, huh? Lazy bones. *snicker* Alpha males are strong - and not always physically. They can be strong emotionally and intellectually in lieu of. But since I like a hunk as much as the next alpha female... They drive me nuts when they want to rescue the heroine out of reflex instead of need. Sometimes, the heroine is quite capable of rescuing herself and if the AM gets his nose in a snit over it....tough tit...mice. Just sayin'!

    Favorite alpha male. There are so many to choose from in fiction. Movie/TV - Captain Malcolm Reynolds from FIREFLY. Angel/Seeley Boothe (same actor different shows). Patrick Jane, the Mentalist, and Rick Castle from the show, CASTLE. Surprisingly, I'm not that big a Nathan Fillion fan, but I love those two characters. I am a big David Boreanaz fan! However, my all time favorite Alpha Male(tm) has to be Roark from the Eve Dallas books.

  6. Okay, I love Zsadist and Wrath-- and in my book they are both alpha's. Even though Wrath is clearly the leader, all the brothers are alphas. Just sayin'! :P

    I'm still waiting on Samhain. If they every buy it, then you can read it. :P hehe

    Favorite alpha in a book...hrmm. That's a tough one. Zarek from Sherrilyn's Dark Hunters. He is my fave DH, too. Of course Acheron as well. *nods* All my favorite alpha's are tortured souls too. If I think of anyone else, I'll drop you a line.

  7. Roark, that's a good one. I love Roark. I need to sit down and write a list of my favorite Alpha's so I know what I've read and what I haven't. I have a couple favorites from television as well. I love Rick Castle. He's smokin'. Did you know they wrote a book called Body Heat for the show? I'm totally going to check it out. :) Of course, then there's Cole Turner, from Charmed. *sigh* I'd be his demon queen any day.

  8. Kira you're such a tease.

    I love the BDB brothers. I'm almost thinking Butch might be the bigger AM, even though all the brothers are. I think it's the cop in him. ;)

    I still haven't read the dark hunter series. I need to get to those. Thanks for the suggestions.

  9. Kira has me reading Acheron right now - go get it ... all I'm saying.
    Haven't read any of the other BDB books yet, just the first. I can see how Zsadist would be an Alpha in his own book, as the hero/star - in the first one he seemed happy enough to stay out of the limelight. Guess I have the misconception that true Alphas don't follow or allow themselves to be lead. Gonna have to look at my bookcase with new eyes ...

  10. BAN!! You haven't said. How do you like Acheron? What page on you on? OMG! I lovee that story. *beg*

    I've read all the BDB books...all the Dark Hunter books -- 20 something in all-- ooo and all the Highlander books by Karen Marie Moning. Oh yeah! Mega alphas in that one too. My fave is Adam Black. *swoons* You NEED to read those. *nods vigorously* He is in THE IMMORTAL HIGHLANDER.
    Hrm...I may have to delve into that tonight. I
    haven't read it in a while.

    BTW-- ALL of those are keepers. I have several keeper shelves. *beg*

  11. For me, fictional alphas are appealing because they have the control and if they don't, they take it. They don't apologize for who they are or what they believe in and they do what they figure needs to be done. They are over the top protectors. What makes them great big jerks? All the things I just listed.

    I'd have to agree with Ban and say Zsadist of the J.R. Ward's Black Brotherhood series. I don't know, he just does it for me! I'm also a big fan of Tara Janzen and her Steele Street guys! Creed being my favorite, followed by Dylan. Suzanne Brockmann's Max Bhagat is also one of my favorites alphas.

  12. That's kinda the key isn't it Karyn. Finding a way to make all of those macho annoying habits really really attractive and H O T!

    Thanks for your input on your favorite characters. I'll add them to my list of books to check out.

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  14. Thanks Jana. You Prairie Chicks rock!

  15. It bugs me when alpha males are all, "there, there dear, don't you worry your pretty, little head about it. I know what's best for you. Shhh, don't speak."

    I love it when alpha males stand up for their women in the face of her pain. When they're strong enough to listen and cuddle and *gasp* cry for her. Then shield her from ever dealing with it again. (And hey, if they have to kill a few bad dudes behind her back, I'll turn a blind eye too.)

  16. Very well said Venus. That's what I'm looking for. I know I'm willing to turn a blind eye to the alpha doing something uncharacteristic in order to protect and/or save his love, glad to hear it's not just me.