Kreativ Blogger Award

It's an honor just to be nominated . . .

Wait, sorry, that's a different speech. So I'd like to say thank you to the Prairie Chicks and the Screaming O Blog for nominating my humble little blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am feeling a little unworthy seeing as how I haven't been the most consistent blogger lately. Anyway, the rules are as follows: blog about 7 things about yourself that others might not know (and probably want to, discretion ladies, discretion) and nominate 7 other blogs. I'm not sure that I know of 7 other blogs that haven't already been nominated. I'm just that kind lazy, but I'm going to do my best. Here goes . . .

1. I love being a mom. I got pregnant with my daughter when I was 21 years old and I was a little worried about it. Having always been a very selfish person I wasn't sure if I could handle putting someone else first, but after giving birth to my beautiful little girl it seemed to come to me naturally. Being a mom is my favorite job ever, albeit not the easiest one.

2. I used to play the flute. I started playing the flute in the fourth grade but unfortunately gave it up during my misspent teenage years. A friend of mine started playing recently and I learned that I still know how to play the instrument even if I have forgotten how to read music.

3. I make really awesome salsa. My family & friends insist that I could sell it and make big bucks, but I'm not that ambitious. Yet.

4. I love to water ski. My Uncle Ronald taught me how to water ski when I was in elementary school and I love it. Now if I only owned a boat. . .

5. I spent most of the year I was 16 touring the west coast with a friend. We saw beautiful country and beaches. Oregon. If you haven't been, you're missing out.

6. I won $4,500 on the radio in 2003. One of the local radio stations, you know those fun contests where you enter online and if they call your name you win. I WON! How cool is that???

7. I'm not all that interesting. It took me nearly 20 minutes to come up with six items listed above. I'm pathetic and sad! :)

Okay, so my 7 nominees are the following:

Venus Vaughn - What Was I Thinking

Hayley Lavik - Eventide Unmasked

Murder She Writes

Maureen Child - History Day, every Monday

DeSeRt RoSe BoOkLoGuE

Jill Shalvis

and last, but not least . . .

Naughty and Spice Blog

Happy Tuesday everybody.


  1. I don't blog very regular either, Erika. But it's cool that someone is thinking of you, huh? hehe

    I would love to tour the west coast! I've never been, unless you count the time I was there when I was 1. But don't think that counts.

    Btw-- I want to see that progress meter move on your WIP. *taps foot*

  2. Kira, it's AWESOME that somebody thought of me! Thank you for thinking of me. :)

    I'm not sure seeing the west coast when you were 1 counts unless you remember it. Do you?

    I'd like to see the progress on that meter move too! I actually have more than what's there, I just haven't taken it from my groovy little recorder thingy yet. ;) It's suppose to be my Sunday Snippet, which I haven't done yet either. Geez I'm a slacker!

  3. Thank you kindly Erika. I'd better get cracking on my own follow-up before all my favourite bloggers are snatched up :)

  4. Wow, Erika, you have incredible luck! Winning the money from the radio show is awesome!

    I agree with number one. As it happens, we had our first son when I was still 21. I love and still love being a mom!

  5. Wooo Hooo! A blogging award :) Thank you, how fun. I feel like a kool kid.

    I shall post my seven things soon, but I don't know if I can find seven new blogs to nominate ... you and the folks before you have already gotten a bunch of the ones I like.

    And I wanna know the secret ingredient in your salsa because I've only ever met one salsa I liked, but maybe there are more out there.

  6. almost done catching up - just wanted to drop you a note letting you know I stopped by. Congrats !

  7. Hayley, you are welcome. I love reading your posts.

  8. See Jen, we really are twins! I knew we could pull it off!

  9. Venus, you are one of the COOLEST KIDS! Finding 7 blogs was tough. I doubled up on a couple that somebody else nominated, but ya know, a girls gotta do . . . :)