Witch Stuff Rules!

I was at JoAnn's with my daughter last night looking into stuff to make for the many babies that are winging their way into our lives, in 8 or 9 months, and I saw the cutest witch stuff. I love Halloween. . .


  1. Oh gosh that's fantastic. Hallowe'en stuff is fantastic, and this makes me so excited. Love that hat + mask!

  2. OH gosh, I love this stuff... See, other people love other gifts and crafts... but Halloween stuff rocks my world.... (Could it be that is my favoritest favorite holiday in the whole wide world... and my bday is the day before...lol)
    I love the witch face! But the signs take the cake!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Hayley, isn't Halloween stuff great? I need to post a correction. The Hat/Mask and the shoe I saw Pier 1 Imports, in case anyone is interested in purchasing something. :)

  4. Cec,

    I love Halloween stuff too. There's a store called Kirkland's, they have the best decorations. Do you get a lot of Halloween stuff for your birthday? I have a friend whose bday is at the end of Sept. and she tells me she gets a lot of cute Halloween stuff cuz her birthday is so close.

  5. Hey Erika, normally for my birthday I get LSU stuff. Everyone knows I buy my own Halloween stuff. I will be taking pictures and posting them this year of my house.... I fill every place I have with Halloween stuff...
    Then we decorate our garage... that is where my daughter's party and my party are held... so we go all out there!!
    I can't wait for you to see that... Come drop by my blog place in October... I am having a party! Of course though, you are always welcome to drop by!! =)
    Halloween and Christmas.... my little house is full of decorations! **shakes head to confession... I spend way to much money on those two holidays**

  6. Yeah, I'm all about Halloween. Used to think it was just me 'till I started seeing all the groovy decorations people starting carrying ! And obviously I've met some people with the same love ;) Personally, I like to get mine at Michaels or AC Moore 'cause I like to make/paint/assemble them myself ... like those neat haunted houses and such. My daughter and I put together one of those last year. And pumpkins and leaves and orange lights around the front window and crows and ghosts and, and, and ...