The Horse Whisperer

I have ranted long and hard about The Horse Whisperer, the movie. Robert Redford's interpretation of this book just plain SUCKS. This is one of the best books ever written, in my humble opinion, and Redford bought the rights and ripped it apart. What makes it worse is Nicholas Evans let him.

I can't tell you how many people I have told, if you saw the movie and never read the book you are missing out. It is now with great pleasure that I share with you, this review, which I totally stole from Recorded Books.com. It's not just me folks:

4 out of 5 Stars Much more enjoyable than the movie!!!(Review of The Horse Whisperer)

This story came alive for me under the skillful reading of the narrator. . . Ive seen the movie and found myself wishing I had not because it made me want to picture the characters as the actors they were depicted by in the movie. The descriptions given of them though, gave them much more dimension and I would have pictured them entirely differently. Folks, if youve seen the movie and liked it. . . the book is even better! And the original ending, while taking me by surprise, is not to be missed. - Reviewer from Southern California


  1. Amen. I haven't found one person yet who agrees that the book was far superior to the movie. They rave about the movie and it totally sucked.

  2. never read the book, never saw the movie but I'm going to one day ... read that is. even if you're exaggerating, I'm not willing to risk it.

  3. Janet, we can start a club! You, me and this chick from southern California. Now we just need a name. . . I'll have to think on it.

  4. Ban, exaggerating? Me? I'm hurt! Kinda.

    People who have never read the book, really like the movie. My mom, for example, loves the movie. Thought it was wonderful. I read the book and was PSYCHED for the movie. Then I saw it. I was angry. Very very angry at the liberties, changes and just plain garbage that Redford incorporated. ANYWAY, I digress. Definitely read the book, it's awesome.

  5. *spoiler alert*
    I hated the story, and refused to see the movie! As a horse person, I have an issue with the stupid 'hero' committing suicide by horse. Horses won't step on squishy human parts if they can help it. I have 23 years of owning horses to prove it, my foot was stepped on once--Buster was trying to make his point. :-P
    Wish the horse trampled him earlier in the book to keep me from reading it.
    Maybe part of my issue with the book was that it was presented to me as a romance. It isn't a romance if either the hero or heroine dies, plus there's that little issue of adultery that I had a problem with. Love story, yes--romance, no.

  6. You're entitled to hate it, it's in the consitution. ;) I loved the book and hated the movie. Who knows, if you hated the book, you might like the movie. It's not the same story at all.

  7. Well, I hated the ending of the book. I love Robert Redford's changes. The movie followed the book except for the horrible ending. Yeah for Redford's change to the ending.