When a hero goes too far

I just finished reading a really good book by a really great author. It was the final book in a trilogy of three sisters. The third sister, we'll call her Miss X, was a troubled young woman who didn't believe in love and had her share of men. She didn't believe in relationships and thought men only wanted her for one thing and made it so with her behavior. Until she met our hero. We'll call him jerkface. Okay fine, we'll call him Mr. X.

Anyway, Miss X and Mr. X meet and fall in love, while she is unsure of his feelings for her and insecure of the relationship in general, he is amazed and dazzled that a girl like her would ever fall in love with a guy like him. Are you seeing the recipe for disaster here?

So Mr. X learns from another party that Miss X has cheated on him, and without asking her about it, without confirming it with another source, he assumes that it must be true because of her history with men. Miss X tries to explain to him that it's not true, but of course, she must be lying. When Miss X learns that she's pregnant by Mr. X, he sends her away, telling her that he doesn't care or believe that it's his baby.

So she leaves. She moves out of the city and decides she's going to make it on her own. And she does. When her son is 4 years old he starts asking about his father and instead of lying to him and telling him that he's dead, she decides it might be time to introduce the two of them. See if Mr. X is willing to have a relationship with his son.

Well Mr X. is pissed off. How dare she keep him from his son all this time. She should have tried harder, after all she knew that he didn't believe her. (Pardon me while I barf on all the righteous indignation.) So Mr. X decides to take something away from her, so she'll have a complete understanding of how devastating what she did was to his ego. Err his life? His time with his son? The relationship that he didn't have with his son?

So Jerkface, I mean Mr. X, takes it upon himself to play Miss X for a fool. Let her believe that he still loves her, that they have a chance together so she'll drop her guard and be devastated when he serves her with papers to take their son away from her.

This MIGHT be a forgivable act IF Mr. X realized what a complete stupid jerk head thing this was to do BEFORE he actually served her with papers. Once she's served, in my opinion, this is unforgivable. There is no going back from this, there is no apology that is appropriate, there is no diamond big enough to forgive this. How do you ever trust a man who would do something like this? How do you ever believe that he isn't playing you again? How can ever trust that he's telling you the truth? HOW? HOW? HOW?

What do y'all think? Am I over reacting? That never happens, I never do that, but I might consider it a possibility if you guys say so. Tell me your opinion. Inquiring minds and all that . . .


LSMs Ba-beeee

I've been slacking and I'm sorry. Anyone remember the hot hay days of Chippendales? Well, here they are, for your viewing pleasure, the men you've all been waiting for . . .


Everyone has a twin some where

This is my 2nd favorite dude in the whole world:

THIS is the super cute little boy from the Boots On video:

What do you think? Separated at birth? Aiden's mom swears she only had one, I dunno . . . .


Federal Trade Commission Puts Their Nose Into Blogs

Anyone have any more clear information on this?


Dirty Minds Winner . . . Again.

Silver has graciously given up her copy of Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon because she has already pre-ordered her copy. I had my daughter draw a name out of a hat and the name she drew was . . . *drum roll please*


There ya are! Send me your snail mail address and I'll make sure you get your copy.

Happy reading.


Dirty Minds Winner

Congratulations to Silver! She wins the contest with 7 correct answers. Send me your snail mail address and I'll make sure you get your copy of Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon, when it comes out on October 27.

For those of you who are wondering the correct answers were:

1. Insomniac
2. Fire Drill
3. Arrow
4. Lettuce
5. Earthquake
6. Buck
7. Thread
8. Engine
9. Book
10. Door

Thanks to all my friends who came to play with me. This is fun, maybe we'll do it once a month. Who knows.


Games for my friends

First off, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.I know that everyone has their own breast cancer story, but the survivor in my life is my mom. My mom would not be with us today if she hadn't gone and gotten a mammogram. It literally saved her life. My mom's tumor was embedded deep in the tissue, so she never would have found it with a home exam. This is my plea to all of my friends, please please please get your annual mammogram. While it's not the most pleasant experience in the world, it's better than dying. SO, onto the game for the day.

Today, I have stolen clues from the game "Dirty Minds" (Copyright 1990 TDC Games, Inc.). The winner of today's game will receive a copy of Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon when it comes out on October 27, 2009. So my friends, come play with me.

The Objective: To guess the correct "clean" answers to the dirty clues provided.

Clue #1:
I try to do it with sheep
I try all night to get the right position
I only sleep in snatches

Clue #2:
It's a premature evacuation
It's an alarming discharge
Some men wear rubbers during one

Clue #3
I have a stiff shaft
My tip penetrates
I come with a quiver

Clue #4
I get stuck with a piece of meat between the buns
When I get old, I get limp
You're never satisfied with a little head

Clue #5
I am a huge vibrator
When you're on me, the earth moves
I can give you a big crack

Clue #6
I'm game
I end in "U C K"
I'm horny

Clue #7
I need licking before the prickling
My end slides in a very small hole
I can slip out at the wrong time

Clue #8
I sometimes blow a rod
Oil makes me stroke much smoother
I can be used for pumping

Clue #9
I get fingered a lot
People stick things in me
I sometimes get laid on my spine

Clue #10
We sometimes have big knockers
You can ring our chimes with only one finger
We're all swingers.

Okay friends, let's see who can keep their minds out of the gutter. You have all weekend to get your answers in. I'll post the winner on Monday.