Games for my friends

First off, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.I know that everyone has their own breast cancer story, but the survivor in my life is my mom. My mom would not be with us today if she hadn't gone and gotten a mammogram. It literally saved her life. My mom's tumor was embedded deep in the tissue, so she never would have found it with a home exam. This is my plea to all of my friends, please please please get your annual mammogram. While it's not the most pleasant experience in the world, it's better than dying. SO, onto the game for the day.

Today, I have stolen clues from the game "Dirty Minds" (Copyright 1990 TDC Games, Inc.). The winner of today's game will receive a copy of Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon when it comes out on October 27, 2009. So my friends, come play with me.

The Objective: To guess the correct "clean" answers to the dirty clues provided.

Clue #1:
I try to do it with sheep
I try all night to get the right position
I only sleep in snatches

Clue #2:
It's a premature evacuation
It's an alarming discharge
Some men wear rubbers during one

Clue #3
I have a stiff shaft
My tip penetrates
I come with a quiver

Clue #4
I get stuck with a piece of meat between the buns
When I get old, I get limp
You're never satisfied with a little head

Clue #5
I am a huge vibrator
When you're on me, the earth moves
I can give you a big crack

Clue #6
I'm game
I end in "U C K"
I'm horny

Clue #7
I need licking before the prickling
My end slides in a very small hole
I can slip out at the wrong time

Clue #8
I sometimes blow a rod
Oil makes me stroke much smoother
I can be used for pumping

Clue #9
I get fingered a lot
People stick things in me
I sometimes get laid on my spine

Clue #10
We sometimes have big knockers
You can ring our chimes with only one finger
We're all swingers.

Okay friends, let's see who can keep their minds out of the gutter. You have all weekend to get your answers in. I'll post the winner on Monday.


  1. Okay, I am going to try my hand at this one... BECAUSE I WANT THAT BOOK!!!!!
    I am only going to say it was very difficult to leave my place with Hugh and my bartender and come here with a clean mind, lol!!!
    But here goes...
    1. Sleep
    2. Hurricane (I live in Louisiana!)
    3. Old fashion felt tip pen
    4. Lettuce
    5. Jackhammer
    6. Duck
    7. Needle & Tread
    8. My car engine
    9. Book
    10. Wing Chime!

    Yea, very hard to keep it clean... I even had my own dirty answers written down, lmao!!
    Thanks for the laugh Erika!!
    Make sure you come to my place... You can enter to win Hot For The Holiday!

  2. Uh...clean? This is an EVIL game! I will be back with guesses.

    How long do we have?

    Oh wait, I can't win, but I still want to play!

  3. Cec, I will definitely drop by your place. I need to mark it so I don't have to find your link every day! :D

  4. Jen, you can definitely play. It's not as easy as it should be is it?

  5. Okay -- I think I have it. ;)

    1- naps
    4- hot dog
    5- jackhammer
    6- Duck Duck Goose
    7- thread
    8- engine
    9- book

    But I liked the first set of 'dirty' answers I came up with. lol

  6. 1. nap
    2. hurricane
    3. arrow
    4. lettuce
    5. jackhammer
    6. buck
    7. sewing needle
    8. engine
    9. book
    10. door

    thanks Erika, these were fun !

  7. Oh damn... #3 is a buck... not freaking duck.. horny.... ***headthunk on desk...**** Wanting this book to damn much!!!

  8. Just what I needed--something ELSE to procrastinate with! LOL Here are my guesses:

    1. insomnia
    2. flood
    3. arrow
    4. lettuce
    5. jackhammer
    6. buck
    7. thread
    8. piston
    9. book
    10. front door