The Death of a Series

The awful part of reading a series is what do you do when the series ends? Some series I have no worries about ending any time soon. Stephanie Plum for example. I have faith that Janet Evanovich will write Stephanie Plum until I'm good and done with it. I just need to send her the e-mail. ;) Women's Murder Club, by James Patterson. I have faith that this series will continue on as well. But what about the series that don't. Harry Potter is done. Finished. Seven wonderful books and that's all you get. Jennifer Apodaca wrote a great series, the Samantha Shaw series, five books. Loved her, but now she's gone. Done. Linda Palmer used to write a wonderful series that centered around a soap opera. LOVED IT. Gone. Or how about Twilight? I've only read the first two books. I've seen three movies though and Jacob just breaks my heart. However, according to my daughter, Edward RULES the books. Four books and it's over. Done. Hope you're not too invested.

How many people were sad to see these series end? I know I was. I'm considering re-reading the Harry Potter books this year. I'll probably skip the first two, just because they weren't my favorites. Prisoner of Azakaban and Order of the Phoenix are my favorites with Deathly Hallows running a very close second.

So I'm curious, has a favorite series of yours ever ended? Did you write a letter? How often do you re-read the series? Inquiring minds and all that . . .

Happy Monday!