The Death of a Series

The awful part of reading a series is what do you do when the series ends? Some series I have no worries about ending any time soon. Stephanie Plum for example. I have faith that Janet Evanovich will write Stephanie Plum until I'm good and done with it. I just need to send her the e-mail. ;) Women's Murder Club, by James Patterson. I have faith that this series will continue on as well. But what about the series that don't. Harry Potter is done. Finished. Seven wonderful books and that's all you get. Jennifer Apodaca wrote a great series, the Samantha Shaw series, five books. Loved her, but now she's gone. Done. Linda Palmer used to write a wonderful series that centered around a soap opera. LOVED IT. Gone. Or how about Twilight? I've only read the first two books. I've seen three movies though and Jacob just breaks my heart. However, according to my daughter, Edward RULES the books. Four books and it's over. Done. Hope you're not too invested.

How many people were sad to see these series end? I know I was. I'm considering re-reading the Harry Potter books this year. I'll probably skip the first two, just because they weren't my favorites. Prisoner of Azakaban and Order of the Phoenix are my favorites with Deathly Hallows running a very close second.

So I'm curious, has a favorite series of yours ever ended? Did you write a letter? How often do you re-read the series? Inquiring minds and all that . . .

Happy Monday!


  1. I usually lose interest in a series long before it's over, especially in long running ones. The exception is JD Robb's IN DEATH. And while I'm sad when a series comes to an end, hopefully because the author had told the whole story and not because the publisher ended the contract mid-series, I'm usually satisified. I can always go back and reread them to get my fix. Also, when a series ends, that means I can look for the next one to get invested in. ;D

  2. Hey Silver, thanks for stopping by. I like JD Robb too. I am not very far into that series, but I enjoy it when I get to read it. I mean, seriously, who doesn't love Rourke?

  3. I'm late to the party friend but I've had a crazy week *sigh*.
    I've had several series that ended with tears on my part. My first favorite series, The Dragon Prince was 6 books and I have not re-read it 'cause it hurt too much when it ended, not to mention the ending was bittersweet. I'd always hoped the author would continue the series someday with a different character but she started writing non-fiction I believe and I think she mentioned somewhere that she didn't have the rights to continue with that series/world ?!? Sounds odd to me but it's been long enough now, I have no illusions she will ever visit it again. (she BTW was the one who inspired me to create my own world and characters)
    I was also quite sad when The Dragon Bone Chair series ended - though, at least Tad has a few other books and series out there including the Sea of Glass, which I thought was great.
    I enjoyed the North and South series and the Guardian of Eidon, which I still have not finished 'cause I just don't want it to end ...
    I've really gotta start the In Death series, I hear to many good things about it.
    Then again, I completely lost interest in The Wizard's First Rule series 'cause the author started using his hero as a mouthpiece for his bizarre ideology and everyone but his main 'preachy' character was dumbed down so he could talk down to them ...

  4. It's always tough when a beloved series ends or say is put on pause by the publisher. (Carlotta Wren Series) The In Death Series is good you should definitely add it to your leaning tower of TBR. ;)