Mother Daughter Bonding Time

Every mother/daughter relationships has that one thing. The thing that you can talk about and the age difference, the authority and the rest of the b.s. falls away. I am a lucky mom. My daughter and I have lots of those things, at least I think we do.

Crafts are one of those things. While I am trying desperately to get a stocking cross stitched for my daughter before Christmas this year, (yeah right) she has finished her project. All that's left for us to do is mount it and put it away until the time to decorate for Christmas this year. So without further ado, I give you my daughter's finished project and my semi-complete project:

So tell me, what is it that you do, or did, with your kids? Don't have kids? What about your parents, anything special you did when you were a kid? How about now?


  1. Oh, yeah, I did crafts with my mom too and now, I do them with my 6 year old. She LOVES to do clay with me, draw, make up stories and create characters ... She's gonna be a lot better than me soon. I didn't start writing until after college. She's in first grade and she's already made (and finished) several books. She likes to staple folded pages and illustrate her own short stories ! Not sure if my 2 year old has any artistic talents but, I'm sure she'll want to get involved, even if it's just to do what her big sis does :D

  2. Those are beautiful Erika! She did an amazing job! I think that is great that you two are doing that!

    And Ban... That is amazing that your 6yr old loves to write stories... Save them!!

    Me and my 15 (going on 16yr old) do a lot of things together. Heck, we do everything together... Or we use to... Now that she is in the age of driving and her bff drives... they go do things alone... without me. But that is what life is all about! I love just spending time with her and it does not matter what it is we are doing! And on Sunday grocery shopping day, we invite my Mom to come with us... So it the three of us; which is really nice!
    Hope you have a great day Erika!

  3. Color me impressed! I'm just blown away by your daughter!

    I did different things with my sons, but baking was one of our favorites. We made candy at Christmas too, they loved it.

  4. Ban, aren't mother/daughter things fun??

  5. Hey Cec, thanks for stopping by. Thank you for the compliments. I am fully expecting to lose her once she can drive, but I'm enjoying it while it's here.

  6. Jen, you can feel free to come and bake at my house anytime! Bring your sons, it'll be a party! ;)

  7. Beautiful, Erika!
    I love both of them--but I KNOW your stocking is a tad bit harder than the cutie-patootie bear. All that shading and I bet there are a pile of 1/4 cross stitches in the mess! Yeah, I made 4 rocking horse pillows many years ago and still bear the scars!
    You'll finish! I have faith in you.

  8. Thanks Margaret. Your faith is appreciated. I have a ton of projects right now. All the women I know seem to be knocked up. So many babies coming, so little time to stitch!