The LSM otherwise known as The League of Shirtless Men

My daughter and I created a club for all men who should never be allowed to wear shirts. (does this make me a bad role model??) We have decided it is selfish to keep this only for ourselves and are opening our "club" to the public. *grin* We have compiled a list of all existing men that we have already inducted into the "league". (See photos below) If you would like to become a member the requirements for membership are listed below.


1. You have to be female (sorry)
2. You have to love shirtless men
3. You have to nominate someone into the "league" who is not already there
4. You must bring cookies to at least one meeting (kidding....kinda)


I would like to introduce our newest members of the LSM club: Ban, Silver and Jen. Welcome aboard ladies, we are happy to have you. I have added your inductees to the member *snicker* list. Happy viewing!



  1. i nominate eddie cibrian - i'll email you a pic :) can i bring oatmeal cookies ?

  2. *jumps up and down* Me! Me! I'll bring snickerdoodles! And...and...uhm...how 'bout Mark Wahlberg? And it won't let me put the link in. *pout* But google him in his Calvins.

  3. Ban - Oatmeal cookies rock! Absolutely. I know who Eddie is. He was the bad guy on the Young & the Restless many moons ago. Love that guy.

  4. Silver - Mark Wahlberg, that's a good one. I wonder why the link wouldn't work, I'll have to see if I can fix that....BTW we LOVE snickerdoodles! *grin*

  5. Oh! I want in! Okay, I'll find a shirtless man and nominate him sometime today!

    How about tattoo guy from my website (www.jenniferlyonbooks.com)
    Or the fireman?
    I think the really hot cowboy had a vest on, does that count?

    My specialty is chocolate chip cookies, but I can make most any kind of cookie.

  6. Hey Jen! We must have crossed internet paths, I just left you a message on your blog to stop by and visit. Any of the guys from your blog work for me, they're all pretty yummy.

    Since it's our club we can make up the rules as we go. I don't think a vest is a problem as long as it's not closed...what do you all think?

  7. Erika, LOL! We did cross paths! I was here when you were there :-) I have to pull up those pics...still haven't done it. But the vest is hanging open if memory serves! I'll get the links and come back.

  8. I'm back! Can't stay away from the club :-) Here's four pics. You'll have to scroll up from the comments to see the hunks.

    Tattoo guy http://jenniferlyonbooks.com/?p=478#comments

    Tire guy http://jenniferlyonbooks.com/?p=411#comments

    Cowboy http://jenniferlyonbooks.com/?p=389#comments

    Fireman http://jenniferlyonbooks.com/?p=319#comments

  9. Okay. I refer you back to Saturday brunch from two weeks ago: http://www.silverjames.com/?p=1171

    Take your pick of nominees!

    -Silver (just in case the name doesn't come up right since I rebooted this morning...)

  10. Okay. I lied. That was a Tuesday Tease, rather than a Saturday Brunch. My bad.

    (What can I say? So many hot-n-hunky laying around my place....*bwahaha*)

  11. Silver - LOL. Was it the hot Irishmen brunch??? I loved that brunch. Tomorrow I'll have updated LSM pics! Welcome to the club!

  12. Jen - you're in! Bring on the cookies. I don't know if appletinis go well with cookies, but we totally change to something rich like Mudslides to makes ourselves really sick...maybe not.

  13. http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/jonathan-rhys-meyers/jonathan-rhys-meyers-20071217-352224.jpg

    I tried to get this to hotlink - no such luck. It's the gift I brought to the Irish Saturday Brunch over at Silver's. It's Jonathon Rhys-Meyers. He's sort of wearing a shirt, but I figured the guy with the vest set precedent.

    I'll bring peanut butter cookies. Can I join?

  14. Janet - you can totally join. Shirts are okay as long as they're open. Peanut butter cookies RULE! You are SO in. :) Check back tomorrow for an updated (and slightly better looking) cast of the LEAGUE OF SHIRTLESS MEN

  15. Erika! I can't get the page with this weeks inductees to open! *WAIL* Wassup?

  16. Try it again, I was having technical difficulties. Sorry.