Alas, RENT is no longer on Broadway and it's a shame. They had a good run though, 12 years. Some say that RENT wouldn't have been the success that it was if the writer of the "rock opera", Jonathan Larson, hadn't died suddenly the night before opening day. I disagree and I think anyone who has seen RENT would also.

RENT was here recently and I had the pleasure of seeing it one last time with my BFF and my daughter with two of the original cast members (Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal). I can't even describe how amazing it was and the women who played Mimi Marquez (Lexi Lawson) and Maureen Johnson (Nicolette Hart) were absolutely awesome.

I wanted to link the video for You Tube here, but I can't figure it out, SO instead here's the link:


So, do you have a favorite play or musical?


  1. Rent was a good one. I'm "old school." I loved SWEET CHARITY, SOUTH PACIFIC, PETER PAN, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN...

    OH! And THE WILL ROGERS FOLLIES! Hugh Jackman as Curly was drool-worthy!

  2. South Pacific is a good one. I never saw the play but I loved the movie. Same with Mama Mia. Have yet to see the play but fell in love with the movie. My daughter says next time it's in town she wants to go.