Ideas, Ideas, Ideas. How do you fit them all in?

I have LOTS of ideas for stories. I can hear the characters of these stories bumping into each other in my head saying things such as "When is it going to be MY turn??" I try to explain to these characters that I'm only one person. One person who is trying to raise two kids, work a full time job, be a wife, keep the house reasonably clean (everyone has their own definition of what that means) and love and take care of my two dogs. The characters don't care. They keep insisting that nothing is more important than their particular story. I assure them all that eventually they will all get written, but they're very impatient.

The characters I'm currently trying to pacify are Carly and Jack. The reason I chose their story first is because they were the loudest. They hound me every where I go. Work, the shower, my first cup of coffee in the morning. They're EVERYWHERE! The good news about Jack and Carly is that they are both very vocal. They have given me more information on their past and their personalities, their likes, their dislikes, their friends and their families than I will ever be able to put to good use. Initially I thought all this information would come in very handy, I'm finding though that it's kind of getting in my way.

I had this whole outline of how this story would be written. I had my beginning, my middle and my end. I had a plan dammit. I was ready. They balked. Can you believe it? Who do they think is writing this story anyway??? I initially thought it was me, I can hear you laughing, but apparently I was mistaken. Who knew? I finally had to buy a digital recorder to catch all their chatter.

So my question is, how do authors find time for everything in their lives? Anyone?

Happy Reading!


  1. gooooood question ! i suffer from almost every point you listed above: 2 kids, clean house, cook, be a wife etc. the only difference ... i get to stay at home - does that mean i have more time to write ? no, it means i have more time to procrastinate ! i hear you when you talk about your characters trying to vye for your attention - i've got more stories in my head than i know what to do with. this helps with writers block, (sometimes) when one story goes blank another quickly jumps up and says 'my turn !'. it also makes for a very crowded brain :D

  2. Ban-I understand I'm a terrible procrastinator. When I think I'm going to sit down and actually get something done, I blog hop.

    I actually have several story ideas taking up space in my electronic recorder thingy. One day I need to type out the ideas and get working on an outline. Yeah, one day. Kay, so I'm hopping over to your blog now! Happy Tuesday!

  3. you're gonna stop by ? gee, guess i better tiddy up ;)
    say, i don't see a place to follow your blog ...

  4. Follow my blog.....

    Hmmmm....I'm sure that's an option here somewhere....hang on....

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