I have naturally curly hair, and while some women respond quite bitterly when they learn this I am here to go on record as saying this, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Some women have beautiful natural curls. They wake up in the morning, wash their hair, run a pick through it and begin their day with beautiful curls without any work at all. Kinda like this chick over here. We don't like her.

Then there are the naturally curly hair people like me. While this is not an actual picture of me, the hair is a close relative. The only time my hair has had pretty curls is when my stylist was using me as a guinea pig and permed it. How wrong is that???? I have naturally curly hair, I am never suppose to need a perm. EVER. *sigh* The sad truth of it is, not all naturally curly hair is pretty. It's unfortunate and it sucks for those of us who have to live with it.

SO - in order to combat this unruly mass on top of my head I spend my morning straightening my hair. First with the blow dryer and then with a curling iron. I used to use a flat iron, but then it just laid there, in my face, doing nothing at all, with no semblance of style what so ever. So I'm back to using the old fashioned curling iron, not at all like I used to. (Remember the early 90's?)

To get to the point of my rant, this morning I was curling my hair with that stupid curling iron and I burned my forehead. Yes, you heard me correctly. In my vain attempt to be beautiful I burned my damn forehead. Now I have a big red burn mark above my right eyebrow. *sigh* It sucks to be a girl sometimes.

So in case any of you are just as lame with a curling iron, flat iron, etc. here is what WEBmd says to do when you scorch yourself:

By the way, TGIF everybody and happy reading.


  1. I do sympathize, Erika, but from the other side of the coin. My hair is board straight and very fine. But there's a lot of it. It just lays there, too. So lots of gunk gets put in. And lots of layering and styling and...and...and... I really miss the days when I could just have it long and in a ponytail. *sigh*

    Happy Friday! And sorry about the burn. Have an appletini or margarita. That'll make it better (or make it so you don't care. ;) )

  2. ooooo ... i'm loath to admit this but i burned my cheekbone a few weeks ago with a flat iron ! ! ! fortunately it was high enough up that my hair hid it. my hair is naturally curly too and i HATE it !!! while not as 'fluffy' as the second picture i can NOT let it air dry. i had a really short 'do' for the longest time and i loved it ... wash and go ! not sure why i let it grow out but i'm reluctant to cut it 'cause 1. it took so long to grow out and 2. after straightening, it usually looks good - it's just sooooo much work :( one of these days i'm gonna get too frustrated to stop myself - i'm gonna plug in my shaver and buzz it all off. sorta looking forward to that day of liberation :)

  3. Silver - you do have a point. I had my hair chemically straightened once and that was enough to teach me to appreicate the body that my natural curl gives my hair. I just get moody about it. I feel like I spend an eternity straightening it out myself.

    Appletinis are coming this way.

  4. ban - OUCH! I feel your pain, and today I mean that literally. ;) I can't let my hair air dry either. Scary. Seriously. I chopped all my hair off a couple of years ago and it was cute short, but I felt like it was even more work every morning than I put in now so I let it grow back out. Decisions, decisions.

  5. Isn't it amazing how almost (and I would think it's more like 'every') woman hates her hair. Curly - yuck, I wish I had straight hair. Straight - God, what I'd give to have curly. Long - takes too long, pain in the a&&, Short - too boyish, wish it was long.

    I have straight, fine, thin hair. (I'm personally racing my husband for the most forehead visible by the time we reach 50) And, of course, I hate it. I grow it out every couple of years so I feel more womanly - that last about 6 months when I'm tired of getting up 20 minutes earlier just to do my hair. Why don't we still wear the powdered wigs?

    Sorry, got on a rant there - hair is a major issue in my life. Must go and phone my therapist :)

    Have a great weekend - meet you tomorrow at Silver's place for Saturday Buffet.