Musicals, I admit it, I love 'em

I am a sucker for musicals. Pretty much all of them, I do have favorites though. Rent is my all time favorite but Beauty and the Beast is an extremely close second.

The first musical I ever saw live was Annie. My dad took me to the theater to see it and I fell in love.
I think the world world would be a better place if we could all just feel free to break into song and dance whenever the mood struck us. What if you'd had a bad day and just felt the need to sing "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie at the top of your lungs? What little girl doesn't know the words, "the sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun" or if you're having a bad day and it's only 11:00 a.m. you could burse into "It's 5:00 somewhere", and who knows maybe someone else would join in on the chorus and the two of you can head out to the bar.

It drives my husband crazy. When I first was turned on to Rent I listened to the soundtrack non-stop. Every time we got into the car he complained. "Don't you ever listen to anything else?" I told him I'd consider it. My latest musical is Mama Mia, I'll be honest, I haven't seen it on stage but I did see the movie. LOVED IT! I took my DD to see it with me and now when the two of us get into the car together we jam! I think our favorite song is Lay All Your Love On Me, but my favorite song while watching the movie is Winner Takes It All.

One of my friends favorite musicals is Les Mis, which I have never seen, but I guess when they turned it into a movie they took all the music out. Who does that? Does that seem weird to anyone else?

I know I'm not alone here, if I were musicals wouldn't exist, so share. What's your favorite musical? Favorite song from the musical?


  1. Oooh! Sweet Charity and Big Spender for a song.

    Will Rogers Follies (just because Hugh Jackman was in it on Broadway...Can't remember songs. Just...Hugh. lol)

    And my all time favorite, Peter Pan. I Won't Grow Up, I've Got to Crow, Tender Shepherd... (Yeah, I played Peter in a production. ;D )

  2. So you're multi talented. Excellent. How are you enjoying your trip? I hope you're having a wonderful time.

  3. my aunt gave my sister and i our first broadway tickets to cats and we went to a show every year after that. when she died, my sister and i tried to keep up the tradition but ... life gets in the way. we still go every couple of years. took my daughter to her first when she was 3 - we saw tarzan and she loved it ! i seen cats, into the woods, les mis (3 times), phantom, miss saigon (2 times), the scarlet pimpernel, evita, jesus christ superstar, dracula and a few others that escape me right now. i like melancholy so les mis and miss saigon are my faves (in case you couldn't tell by the count) but i REALLY loved the scarlet pimpernel. thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  4. Ban - I always wanted to see Cats, but it stopped touring before I got the chance. I heard a rumor that it's touring again, but I need to check it out. My friend and I went and saw Movin' Out when it was in town. SO AWESOME.

  5. OOOH, I love musicals :) I wish I lived in a big city so I could see Les Mis, Cats, Miss Saigon - I did see Phantom (loved it).

    Movie musicals - all the Disney ones (favorite was probably Little Mermaid), Grease, Dreamgirls, Chicago (I like that there's dancing, can you guess?), Dirty Dancing, Hairspray, and Momma Mia. My husband is like your's, Erika - I've nearly worn it out because it's my daily exercise music. The treadmill runs and Momma Mia is cranked loud. I know all the words and exactly when to do my slow down cause time's up.

    Great post.