LSM nominee day!!!

Okay ladies - start your search engines!

Today is the day to add your choice of HOT SHIRTLESS MEN to the League. My daughter (DD) and I as well as Janet have already sent in our nominees so I'm giving you all a preview...

Go Janet!

Go Me!

Go DD!

Go Silver!

Alright ladies, your turn. Who do you want to nominate? (Puts out plate of chocolate chip peanut butter cookies)


  1. You haz mail! I sent my entry direct. ;)

    I'll check back later for more nominees. *wipes drool* And tell the DD she owes me! LOL (Glad she enjoyed brunch *snorfle*

  2. Silver - got your mail. Is this soldier available for private parties??

  3. Jen - I know. All the skin and muscles boggles the mind.

  4. Nope. Sorry. He's on active duty -- Guarding Silver duty, in fact! I'll see if he has any friends, though. *nods*

    *pours appletinis* It's noon! Cheers!

    *nibbles* Cookies. I'm nibbling cookies. Sheesh! ;)

  5. Is that kind of like Guarding Tess?? It's not noon here but pour me one anyway!

  6. Well, yeah. But with fringe benefits. ;) *pours*

  7. I'm late getting to the party - you all better not be drunk :)

    Wow - opened up your blog and saw Mr. Fireman, then The Rock, then Gilles (and I can watch some of his dancing on YouTube - yeah), then (wiped drool off the mouse so I could keep going) Mr. Soldier. Yowza! This is what I call hump day pleasure (did I just type that?)

    Cheers, ladies.

  8. LOL - yes you did! See you all tomorrow for the updated LSM photo shoot.