LSM Photo Shoot

Welcome to the photo shoot of the newest editions to the League of Shirtless Men.

Jennifer kindly nominated twins, she's my favorite nominator (is that a word?) this week.

Silver nominated Matthew McConaughey into the League of Shirtless Men and bless his heart he's following the rules. There are more photos of this man without a shirt then are with him wearing a shirt, SO in the spirit of the LSM club I added a few additional photos. :D


  1. Ohh, I like the black and white photo! And the twins :-) Oh heck, I like them all!

    How am I going to get work done now?

  2. Me too. I am an equal opportunity LSM lover. :)

  3. yes, the headless hunk is pleasant to look at ... you're welcome :D

  4. Oh, yeah. Definitely glad I came up for air and...cookies. ;)

  5. BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated this week. You guys are the best!