A Love Affair with Shoes

So, what makes me feel pretty? It's shoes. I would have never thought it in a million years, who wants to wear those shoes that are super cute to look at but must absolutely torture your feet? Apprantly I do.

About 5 years ago I took a job in commercial real estate, it was a
fashion show every day. I am not a slave to fashion. I am so unfashion conscious that I wonder
what's wrong with what the people on the worst dressed list are wearing, but I figured I should step up my appearance a bit to fit in. In case you didn't know it, all the really cute fashionable clothes are designed for thin and slim people. One day, when I get off my ass and start thinking about exercising and dieting I can consider being a fashion statement, BUT in the meantime, I love shoes.

I'm not real clear on how it all started, my love affair with shoes. One day, out of the blue I noticed a really cute pair of shoes at the mall. They had were open toed, had a 4" heel, a zipper up the back and a strap that wrapped around your ankle. I tried them on and I must say, they looked really good. I walked around in them for a bit, they didn't pinch my toes and they didn't hurt my feet. I sat down and thought about it for a minute. I looked at the price tag and they were on sale, it was a sign from the heavens. I was meant to have these shoes.

From that point on it was all down hill. It seemed as though every store I walk into has a pair of shoes with my name on them. What's your biggest weakness? What makes you feel pretty? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I'm strictly a jeans and boots kind of girl. Looking at those heels make me shudder. No offense. My best friend has a shoe thing, too, lol, and I can remember dancing disco in stilettos at least that tall.

    What makes me feel pretty? Scotch. Especially when everyone around me is drinking. It's wonderful for blurring the eyesight! *gigglesnort*

  2. Silver, LMAO! I have boots too, there just wasn't enough space to post all the pictures. :grin: I've invested hundreds of $$ in my crazy little fetish. Unfortunately the job I have now is in someone's home and my boss asked me to stop "clicking" all over the house. *sigh* Flats are not nearly as cute.

  3. I love your shoes, Erika. My fetish is scrapbooking supplies which are stacked in neat piles ready and waiting to be used.

  4. Karen, my daughter scrapbooks too. We bought her a storage cabinet on wheels for house all of her supplies. I just don't have the creative knack for scrapbooking, I'm very jealous.

  5. I'm addicted to pajama pants! Can't go into a store that sells them without picking out the most unusual, the warmest, the funniest pair. This, I rationalize, will be perfect when I become a full time writer. Right now, my boss would frown upon me showing up at work in a pair of flannel pants with cartoon polar bears on them.

    Those are some funky shoes, Erika. At 5'10", I'm destined to be a flat girl (especially considering The Husband is the same height).

  6. Janet - I'm 5'8" and so is my husband. When we go out I wear flats. I tower over people in my heels. It's a dominance thing! :D

  7. ouch, my feet hurt just looking at those shoes. me ... i'm more a barefoot person myself but if i must adorn my piggers i usually go for something clunky and black like my mudds. what can i say, i'm a goth girl at heart. so what do i collect ? (besides books) that would have to be beads. i make jewelry so yeah ... beads and when i can't find ones i like, i make them.