The Easter Bunny Was Here...

Happy Monday to all . . . it's just doesn't have the same ring as Happy Friday does it?

My son still believes (or at least pretends to believe) in the Easter Bunny, which I love. My daughter does not but she keeps her mouth shut because as soon as he doesn't believe anymore all the good stuff comes to an end. Same goes with Christmas. I told her as soon as he stopped believing there was no longer a need to have gifts from Santa, and Santa leaves all the good stuff at our house. Anyway, my daughter decided she didn't want to hunt for eggs this year, which works for me, because she wanted to sleep in. After I stopped laughing, and wiped the tears from my eyes, I told her it didn't work that way.

I wait until the last minute to do my Easter shopping. I do every year and every year I swear I'm going to be more prepared next year. I never am but the good intentions are there, I'm sure that has to count for something. So there I was on Saturday heading down to my local Wal Mart to pick up all the candy and stuff I needed for the baskets. This was my first mistake, Wal Mart. While I love the prices at this store, I hate shopping at this store. EVERYONE shops at this store and they put all kinds of crap in the way so it makes it hard to maneuver through the aisles. When I walked into Wal Mart on Saturday they had put all the candy, baskets, grass crap and coloring kits RIGHT THERE. So you wouldn't miss it. And let me tell ya, it was hard to miss the huge crowd of people blocking the damn entrance!!!!! Who thought this was a good idea???? What brilliant mind said out loud, for everyone to hear, "hey, let's line up all the candy at the entrance, so people won't miss it. Let's take it out of the aisle with all the Easter stuff and stick it right in front." Who does that and who agrees with that dope???

Sorry, I'm better now.

After I found M&M's, Cadbury creme eggs, jelly beans and such I headed over to the kid's clothes section. I don't line my kid's baskets with that green messy grass crap any more. I use pajamas. Brilliant, I know. *giggle* It doesn't leave behind nearly the mess that grass does. I used the grass one year and I was finding it for years to come after that. I think that stuff multiplies, I really do. So after the jammie shopping was done I got the heck out. Next year, I'm going to get all of it done early so I don't have to deal with this mess, I swear.

Do your kids still believe in the bunny? If not, what age did they stop believing? What age did you stop believing?


  1. don't know what my two year old thinks (she calls any old man with a beard sants :) but my six year old doesn't 'believe' in either. we've never pretended santa was real though, we told her he was a person who lived a long time ago and that we honor him and Jesus by giving gifts - same with the easter bunny. that might seem lame to some but I assure you, it hasn't hurt her creativity one bit and she still gets all the goodies !!!

  2. I have a friend who did the same thing. Whatever works for you, works for me. :)

  3. I hear you on Wal Mart! My question is, why do people think it's okay to block the entrance or aisle?

    This year I used tissue paper to line the Easter basket, but PJs are a better idea!

  4. Tissue paper, I didn't think of that. That's much more economical than jammies. I may do that next year.

    In defense of the people blocking the entrance, that's where all the candy was. ALL OF IT! I blame Wal Mart for putting it there. Do you think they pay someone to think these bad ideas up?

  5. Weighing in late. Sorry. It's Monday. All day! We didn't do Easter this year. The DD pouted. All day. I made homemade waffles to make up for no chocolate bunny. I think I've been forgiven. Oh. She's 22. We still do Santa. But that's because *I* still believe. LOL!

    And I hear you on Walmart! I was there at 30 minutes before closing on Christmas Eve. (Buying a new vacuum cleaner because mine died and we had company coming! *headdesk*)

  6. It is Monday all day, sucks huh? I'd forgive you almost anything for homemade waffles. :)