Time is not on my side

So here it is. The end of the weekend and I have failed to do anything to incorporate my fix into my story. I wish I could say it was because my weekend was SO overwhelmingly busy that I couldn't make the time to do it, but the fact of the matter is I chose to not make the time to do it. I put other priorities in front of it. Without sounding like I'm making excuses I have two part-time jobs, two kids, a husband who occasionally likes me to pay attention to him, two dogs who always want me to pay attention to them, a few friends and lots of other hobbies that occupy my time.

Friday night I spent time with a girlfriend of mine who I've known since junior high. Saturday morning I worked on a stocking that I'm cross stitching for my daughter. I'm hoping to actually have it done by Christmas this year. *eye roll* Saturday afternoon I spent running errands with my daughter, the grocery store, Sam's Club, the bank . . . you get the idea. Saturday night my son had a sleepover at a friend's house and my husband, daughter and I sat on the couch watching the first season of Heroes. Today, I went to the gym, back to the grocery store and made dinner. Ate with my family and watched 90210 with my daughter.

I know that I had plenty of time to put my writing first and I didn't, I chose other things. Does this mean that maybe I'm not cut out for this? I can't tell you how many websites etc that I have read where the author says if all you can do is think about writing then you're a writer. I think about writing all the time, I can hear the story in my head. But at some point don't you have to actually write something? I have a draft, an incomplete draft, but a draft regardless so I know that I can write. I even think it's pretty good, I'm just having trouble putting it first. Any advice?


  1. yeah, i have some really good advice - let me know when you find a solution so i can get cracking too ...

  2. actually, i'm hoping that sharing snippets with fellow readers/writers will encourage me to get back in gear :)

  3. Yes, that was a brilliant idea. Thank you for accidentally saying it outloud. I'm psyched, I'm ready.

    I will definitely share if and when I get it figured out. *sigh*

  4. No. It means that you have other priorities in your life right now, Erika. Trust me, it happens. Writing for me has always been an escape. Even when I wasn't actually putting words on paper, the stories were whirling in my imagination waiting for the right time and place.

    Sometimes, it takes a kick in the rear from yourself or someone you trust. Sometimes, you just need to listen to *you*.

    I do know that when I've forced myself to write just because I had a self-imposed deadline, I usually hated what I'd written and no amount of editing fixed it. While writing is 1/10 inspiration and 9/10 perspiration, you MUST have that spark to get you started.

    Like the two of you, I'm excited about the snippets. I'm hoping it will keep me on target and fired up. I'm also hoping my local CP will bust my chops, too.

    If I had a magic wand, faerie dust, or a spell, I'd be waving, sprinkling and conjuring like mad for all of us. Since I don't, how 'bout we get some skyrockets, tied them to our Muses, and light the fuses? It could be a hellava show... Just sayin'.

  5. LOL - I think my muse would be pissed when she landed!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I need to get it figured out. The voices, they keep yelling at me to get it all on paper before they leave me high and dry cause I'm a big huge slacker!

  6. you said it silver - writing for me has always been an escape too. i'm sure there are writers out there with loftier goals than i but i write because i like the stories i've got whirling in my head and i want to give them life. if someone else likes them too ... so much the better ! glad i slipped too - really looking forward to sharing :)