Favorite Pets

Everyone has a favorite pet. I have two beautiful labrador retriever mixed dogs. A black one and a white one. They're too cute for words, I just love 'em.

As much as I love my dogs, and I do, it's just not the same as having a truly interactive pet. For those of you who know me from Lyon's Lair, you already know of my flying monkeys. For those of you who don't, meet my flying monkeys. They're too much fun. I bought them the cutest hats for their birthdays and we celebrated with appletinis! Virgin appletinis for them, they haven't quite learned substance control yet.


  1. PRICELESS!!!! I love it!

    And I'm so jealous of your two beautiful dogs!

  2. You are a good witch, Erika because witches don't let their monkeys drink and fly!

    Love the Labs. I'm totally pwned by Boone, a Newfoundland/Golden Retriever mix, my "standard" Papillon (Yes, there is no such critter. Tucker looks and acts just like a Papi but he weighs 45 pounds and is knee-high), the the LOLCAT who rules us all. Adidas is a small tabby with a Buddha belly and that queen cat attitude they all have. She rules Boone. Even though he's massive (110 pounds), she flicks her tail and he backs away whining. The fun is when he brings her a tug toy to play. One of these days, I'll have my camera ready. The look on Deeder's face says it all!

    TGIF! I've heard the rumor that Lyon chick is serving appletinis later today. See you there!

  3. Jen - thanks I love my puppies. They're good dogs. Most of the time. My black doggie is getting old, as you can probably tell by his grey beard & mustache.

  4. Silver - I heard about the appletinis, you know I'm there!!!

    I love cats too, but my black doggie loves cats for breakfast, so that wouldn't work out. You'll definately have to post a video of the dog begging the cat to play on your blog.

  5. i've always been fond of birds myself (yes i know many don't know they have personalities but i assure you they do) had a cockatiel for seven years who eventually died 'cause she wouldn't stop laying eggs but she was such a loving little gal who was always happy to see me or what i was doing ...

  6. Ban - I agree with you, birds have lots of personality. I had two cockatiels growing up. Sydney and Fred. Sydney flew out the front door one day when someone (my dad) left it open for an extended period of time. I was very sad. Poor Fred committed suicide by running into a moving ceiling fan. It was tragic. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your bird though, they can be great pets.