Research, HELP?

I don't like research it's my least favorite part of writing, so I'm trying to cheat. Wanna help me out? Can anyone give me any information AT ALL on what would happen if someone came into a hospital with no identification and was unconscious? Let's say even needed life saving surgery and remained unconscious for weeks. Anyone? Bueller?


  1. Hmmm ... I worked in the ER of a hospital in PA and later I worked on hunting down all the insurance information for trauma patients. It was fun work, detective work but I must say, we never had a patient that went unidentified THAT long. What I can tell you is - the patient is treated with lifesaving measures but nothing beyond ie: nothing cosmetic. The authorities are notified if no id is found on the person (that was my job in the ER - dig through their possessions looking for any and all info) or no one comes in to claim the person. From there, things lie in their hands. The hospital will continue to treat the patient but they will stay in contact with the authorities, searching for a possible id so they can look into who they should be billing. anything more specific ? I'll try to answer if I can ...

  2. Bunches, but I won't post it here. I'll e-mail you later.

  3. NP - there are a few more things I've thought of as well :)