Are You A Megan Fox fan?

I am probably violating some copyright by posting this, but, I am willing to live with the consequences. I found this on page 8 of July 24, 2009 edition of The Week.

OH. MY. I am a Megan Fox fan. I love her movies, I think she's gorgeous and now, I totally dig her candor. Do you think her publicist is having fits????


  1. I really like her and love her candor! She ranks up there with Angelina Jolie for me. Both are super beautiful and super talented!!

  2. I like her too. I was really surprised when I read this though. I wasn't expecting something like that. :D

  3. I've heard of her but I haven't seen any of her movies. She looks a little snooty in that pic. but it's refreshing to hear someone not be taken over by the 'Hollywood profession'. Sounds like she got her head on straight.