Summer Vacation

Do you remember when you were a kid and you didn't think summer vacation would ever get here? I used to count down until summer vacation, usually starting around winter break. Finally summer would arrive and I was SO grateful. FINALLY! When I was in grade school/middle school I would go to a sleep away camp for a couple of weeks every summer. I always had a great time but finally got too old (or too cool, I can't remember) to want to go. Once I got into high school I spent my summer vacations sleeping in (until noon), Sleepingwatching education specials on televisionTV 3 (MTV, Bon Jovi videos), and Chipseating gourmet meals whenever I felt like it (cereal). It was totally awesome for about three weeks, then I was completely bored. *sigh*

I grew up in a neighborhood that wasn't close to anything. There wasn't a movie theater, mall or video game arcade within walking distance. The bus didn't travel that far north yet and none of my friends had cars because none of us were old enough to drive. So guess what we did during the summer. Go ahead guess. . . . We hung out with the boys!On The Cheek 2I got my first kiss the summer of 7th grade with a boy named Rogers. After that, well, I was hooked.

My daughter is going into high school this fall. Am I worried that she's spending her summers with boys? Nope. Wanna know why, even if you don't I'm gonna tell ya. Because she has a little brother at home who will totally tell.Raise The Roof

What do you remember about your summer vacations? Do you have a favorite memory? Were you home alone like I was or was your mom a stay at home mom?


  1. summers were always fun but being on long island, surrounded by ... everything from malls, movie theaters, delis, roller rinks, parks, pools, dirt trails to ride your bikes on, etc. there was always something to do and then there were the vacations. my family went on three every year. on memorial day, one labor day and the big one was always the middle of july. ah, camping ... that was so much fun - at least for me ;) one of the reasons i love fantasy is because i loved being in the great outdoors, imagining i was in a far away land on a wonderous adventure.

  2. I moved around a lot when I was younger and didn't really settle until I was 13. But I spent time with my step-grandma a couple of weeks a summer, from 13 to 16. She was always going somewhere and dragged me along with her. I got to see Graceland with her.
    She also gave me my first romance novel when I was 14. :)

    After I started driving, I worked and was away from home as much as possible.

    And I won't say how old I was when I got my first kiss. Let's just say I was WAY to young.

  3. Ban, sounds like you had awesome summers. I wish I could take my kids on vacation 3 times during summer. Unforunately we have to fly everywhere fun. Living on the east coast must give you a lot of drive to options. I lived in NH for a year and everything was always so close.

  4. Kira, Graceland, that's very cool. My Aunt Mina gave me my first romance novel, I think I was 12ish. It was The Ring by Danielle Steel. It's still one of my favorites.

  5. My mom was always in summer school, working toward her MA and Ph.D. -- she was a teacher. I hung around the house or did the horsey thing, summer camp, family vacations. I'm so old they all tend to run together. ;)

  6. Before my parents were divorced I spent a month of each summer traveling around the u.s. visiting my relatives. It was fun, I wish I could still do it. :D

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