So You Think You Can Dance

So I'm now watching So You Think You Can Dance. I heard that Chelsey Hightower and Lacy Schwimmer both came to DWTS from this show so I thought I would check it out. Last night was the Las Vegas Top 20 results.

My pick Brandon Bryant is in. Did any of you watch this? Did you see the way Mia and Lil C laid into this kid? Check it out on the video below, he starts at 8:03 into the video, I think you can fast forward. It continues on the second video at the begining.

Do you think when the judges are harsh like this it only puts more fans on the contestants side? Like when Len laid into Ty Murray on DWTS and told him it was time for him to go and yet, the fans kept him in it. What do you think, do you think this will hurt Brandon or increase his votes?


  1. LOVE So You Think You Can Dance!! I'm a dance fanatic - and am still mourning the DWTS issue this year (as in, didn't get to see it). I've been watching SYTYCD since the first season. And unlike American Idol, the dancers who deserve being there are there.

    I did think the judges were hard on Brandon - and I really wanted both brothers to get in - hoped for a twist, like adding an extra couple for a surprise ending. I almost cried.

    Can't wait for the real competition to start - you're going to love this show, Erika. The Canadian version this past year was freakin' fabulous (fell in love with Nico - you should google him - hero material :)

  2. I had hoped both brothers got in also, was very disappointed when that didn't happen. So far I am loving this show, although I could just b*tchslap Mia for being so incredibly and unnecessarily rude. I was sure Mary was going to.

    So this Nico, he's hero material huh? I'll Google him. Happy Friday!

  3. If you get the time - you should find some video from the show. He really is amazing! I've just gone looking and have fallen in love all over again. *sigh*

  4. wish i had the time to watch this show - it looks like so much fun, alas, i never write if i added one more :(
    hey janet, you stranger, off to google nico ;)

  5. Ban, I understand. I have a whole season of CSI: Miami and The Mentalist sitting on my DVR. I will eventually get around to watching it.

  6. I've watched a lil bit of it, and did catch parts of the show last night. Some of them were really harsh. I love to watch dancing.

    And I need to google Nico-- hero material you say??? *interest perks*

  7. I've been obsessed - must remember to clear my history so the boss doesn't see how I spent my day at work :)

    Go here

    Oh, I hope that works :)

  8. Oh my. He is a hottie isn't he? Must go look some more. ;)