Jon & Kate Plus 8

OH. MY. Who would want their entire life displayed on national cable television for the whole world to see and judge?? Not me.
I will admit I have never watched this show until about two minutes ago. I decided since I was going to blog about it and take a side I should be informed. I watched this episode where the dog Nala had to go to the vet because she ate one of the kid's toys. A stuffed pony.

I don't think Kate is all that bad. She's a woman who is taking care of 8 kids, count them EIGHT with little or no help from the man she's married to, who by the way, doesn't seem to have a job. I didn't see anything wrong with her parenting skills or the way she treated her husband. He does step up to the plate when she goes out of town on business trips, but when she was home I didn't see him helping out, of course I only watched one episode, I could be wrong.

Also, I'm not sure Jon has a ton of common sense. The vet told him the dog had to stay calm. Not chasing the kids or being chased by the kids. Calm for two weeks. When they get the dog home what does he do? He lets the other dog out of the kennel and let's them both go run around outside to play, chasing and jumping on each other. This is not calm.

As far as I can tell Kate is an ordinary wife and mom. What mom doesn't lose her temper? What wife doesn't wonder what the heck her husband was thinking when he did X? What mom doesn't tell her kids to sit down and be quiet? Kate found out her husband was cheating on her about the same time the rest of the world did. If your husband cheats on you or my husband cheats on me it's a private matter. We deal with it privately, we cry privately or we beat the crap out of him privately. She doesn't have this luxury. You can say she asked for it when she allowed her life to be aired on television, but do you really think she thought that was going to happen? Do you think she thought this would be part of the story America would follow? Or do you think she thought it would be a show about the happiness of her family. How she and her husband band together to raise EIGHT children.

This is what I know, if it were my life being aired on national cable television you all would be giving my husband an award for putting up with me. You would be calling me names and criticizing my every move. You all would have a say on what you thought was best for my children and I would have to tell all of you to bite me. No one has a perfect life. No one. What's that saying about walking a mile in someone else's shoes?


  1. Don't watch the show, but they were on American Chopper last night. Jon is still a doormat and doesn't make for good television--trust me, he didn't even joke or interact with the chopper guys! Whereas, Kate took Mikey to the spa for a 'girl's day out'. Away from Jon, she was actually someone I would like to hang with! Jon's lack of involvement brings out the worst in her.
    Anyhoo, Jon got a custom bike and Kate got a pink scooter with a little toot-toot horn. The kids all got a chance to toot the horn, then mom put her foot down. The kids listen. When you have a crew of eight kids you have to run the house like a military school if you want any kind of order. I know--I'm the last of nine.

  2. Ever wondered what would happen if Charlie Brown grew up and decided it was a good idea to marry Lucy? You get Jon and Kate Gosselin. But that's just my opinion. :)

  3. I haven't really watched this show. I've caught bits but not enough to make an opinion. But it sounds like Jon obviously wants out. Personally, if someone wants out that bad, I can help them out the door! hehe

    And I'm with you Erika. People would not like me if I were on tv. I'm moody and get wrapped up in my own world sometimes. But I love my family.

  4. Margaret, I agree. When you have 8 kids you have to run your house a little differently than you do if it's one or two.

    Karyn, I liked Lucy. You'd think Charlie Brown would have learned. ;)

    Kira, you kind of hit the nail on the head. Just because she's a tough mom doesn't mean she doesn't love her family. Wives and mothers don't have to be sunshine and light in order to be good parents and wives.

  5. i don't watch it either - what i know is what i hear on the radio while i drive my daughter to school - if i were to make an oppinion, i'd have to do like you ... watch a few episodes. my sister watches the show though and she says everything's been blown out of wack.