Sometimes Sexy Wears a Shirt - Part 2

Due to popular demand Sexy Wears A Shirt is back for one more week. Who are you thinking of ladies?

On a separate subject, sort of, I saw this online yesterday and just had to share.

Top 5 reasons a guy dumps a girl he's into

5. We're Too into You
Just when you thought it was all bad news, here's a hard-to-fess-up admission: Guys are protective of their emotions. Translation: We're scared spitless of being hurt. So, if we start to feel like we're getting into a situation where we'll be destroyed if you dump us, we might launch a preemptive strike and yank the plug first.

Say it with me ladies . . .



  1. Okay. No time to dig out links, but you like to window shop so...

    Clive Owen and/or Gerard Butler.

    Working...I'm working...*nods*

  2. Wow-- that sounds like my current hero, Jake. Yeah, he does something just about that stupid. lol

    ooooo Toby Keith!!! I love him!! And he's an Okie too. *sighs*

    Okay-- nominations -- Austin Miller typically to clean cut for me, but cute none the less http://www.mostbeautifulman.com/misc/austinmiller/pages/pic07.shtml

  3. Silver, I can definitely window shop for you. happy to do it, keep on working.

  4. Kira, duly noted. Who is this kid? I don't think I've seen him in anything.

  5. Ban, homework is good for you. Cleanses the mind, or something like that.

  6. Captain, good to see you. *sigh* yeah, Toby rules.

  7. Sent you an e-mail with my nominations, Erika.

    Love Toby Keith. Looking forward to tomorrow :)

  8. He ran second in the GREASE contest. He almost won the role as Danny. Great singer, great dancer.