72 Year Old Great Grandma Tasered by Texas Constable

Does anyone else think maybe this officer of the law overacted just a touch? I'd love to hear what you think.


So I asked Karin Tabke what was the deal with signing a speeding ticket. In the state of California they can take you to jail for refusing to sign. WHO KNEW? Karin did. So I looked it up online and found this answer. Note: this is not specific to any one state, just a general answer.

What could happen if a police officer wanted me to sign a traffic ticket and I refused?

The traffic ticket contains an actual notice to you of a pending court date at which you must appear. By signing the ticket, you are providing an acknowledgment of receipt of the "notice to appear." Since the officer is charging you with a violation of law, he could take you into custody. By signing the traffic ticket, you avoid being taken into custody at that time, and are "released on your own recognizance" pending the court date. It is better to sign the traffic ticket and go about your business pending the court date. By signing the traffic ticket, you remain free and retain the right to show up at the hearing to contest the issuance of the citation or summons. A person is free to refuse to sign the traffic ticket; however, the police officer is free to place him/her under arrest and take him/her into custody.


  1. Personally, no. The taser probably hurt less than if he would have manhandled her. No matter how old she is, she should have listened to the cop. IMO

  2. I definitely want to hear everyone's opinion. Thanks for sharing yours. :)

  3. I can't help but remember the "grandparents" who were cooking meth back when I was a CSI with a police department. They looked like Mr. and Mrs. Claus. She had a mouth like Eminem. He had a big-ass gun and was quite serious about shooting the first officer through the door. The woman in this clip immediately played the age card, then refused to comply with any of the officer's instructions. All she had to do was sign the ticket and she would have been on her way. Instead, she resisted, believing that her age would let her get away with it.

    Should he have tased her? I'm torn. The chances of her being hurt worse if he'd had to manhandle her were probably greater. There are a whole lot of "what ifs" and I'm sure the officer and his department are second guessing themselves and trying to figure out what they could have done different.

    Yeah, yeah. I'm going back to work now. :P

  4. I'm really confused as to why he lost his temper so badly. Yeah, he tasered her to stop her from getting in the car, but he'd already lost it and was yelling at her before that.

    From the little the video clip shows, I think the officer should never have been able to pass the psych evals to become a cop, BUT the clip really shows us nothing. We have no idea what all happened before so that even the first words from his mouth were yelling. We don't know what all he had said and done to her (if anything) that made her want to get back in her car.

    She was an elderly woman. If it was really hot or really cold, she might have needed the protection of the car. Different medical problems could result in the same need.

    This is definitely not something that anyone should feel arrogant enough to have an opinion on without knowing all the facts.

  5. Captain, I agree with you. The footage only shows from the point where he started yelling and pushing her, but I felt like he had really lost control of his temper. She may have been swearing at him and trying to get back into her car but really, arresting her because she refused to sign a traffic ticket, is that really illegal? We should ask Ms. Tabke, her hubby was a cop, he'd know.

    My other thought is, if it were my grandma, I'd be hugely ticked off.

  6. Silver, really? Medicare Meth Dealers. Interesting. WEIRD!

  7. This is Karin's Officer Friendly...

    "Set back or you're gonna be tasered." said the cop in a calm voice.

    "Really? I dare you." said the woman, equally calm.

    He is standing right on the edge of a busy highway with his back to the traffic and she is encroaching on him. He gives her a lawful order to, "Get back over there." and points to the shoulder. She doesn't move and remains at the left rear bumper of the vehicle still forcing him to the edge of the highway.

    He gives her another lawful order, "Put your hands behind your back." He didn't yell it and then said it again. She resisted and did not comply. She then jerked her arm away from him, stated she's getting back in her car and proceeds to head that way. Again, this is a clear case of resisting.

    He tells her, "You're going to be tased,stop, don't move." What does she do? "I'm gonna get back in my car." and she moves. Tased and on the ground he orders her to put her hands behind her back five times and yes, now he is yelling and rightfully so.

    I don't need to know what happened prior to what I saw. What I saw was a clam officer giving a citizen a lawful order and her ignoring his orders and later resisting his lawful power. He could have physically throw her to the ground and maybe broken her aged bones. He could have peppered spray her and maybe have her frantically stumble into traffic. He choose to tase her and drop her where she stood. I think he did a fine job.

    In CA. you must sign the ticket which is your promise to appear in court, not an admisson of guilt. If you refuse, you MUST be taken immediately before a magistrate. If court is closed, say on a Friday night, you will be held in jail, lawfully, until court opens at 9AM Monday morning.

    Just sign the ticket folks.

  8. Hi Officer Friendly. Thank you for a different view point. I had stated earlier if it was my grandma I'd be ticked off and I meant it, but I guess the other side of that coin is if some crazy woman put my husband, brother, father, neighbor that I liked, in danger of being run over by traffic on the highway, that would tick me off too. Thank you for making me see both sides.