LSM Monday

So I spent Saturday afternoon with a friend of mine working on crafty things and watching X-Men. *sigh* It was a good day. THEN my friend tells me she doesn't know who Taylor Kitsch is. In my defense we were talking about Wolverine Origins, not just randomly discussing hot men. ANYWAY, in honor of my friend I am dedicating this LSM Monday to Taylor Kitsch.


  1. *SLURP*

    There is something so reassuring and right about LSM Mondays.

    *wipes the drool from my chin*

  2. Thank you Venus. I think so too. It's just a good way to start off the week. :D

  3. Are you saying that she did not know Taylor.... OMG.............. OMG........ We must teach her!! Lol, thanks for educating! You are a good friend to have!!!! She is lucky to have you!! LOL!!!
    Hope all is well honey!