When I was in junior high I saw a girl wearing a button that said "Stupid people shouldn't breathe" and I remember thinking that she must not be a very nice person. To this girl, I owe an apology. You were right, I was wrong, please accept this most sincere apology.

In case you haven't heard, Arizona passed an extremely controversial immigration law recently. (I am not going to discuss the law or my opinion) The Phoenix Suns played the second game of the second round of the NBA Playoffs tonight against San Antonio (GO SUNS!). Suns General Manager Steve Kerr made a comment on the news that the Suns were going to wear their "Los Suns" jerseys tonight to show that they do not support this new law.

Prior to the start of the game tonight TNT announcer Chris Webber made a comment along the lines of not being surprised that Arizona passed such a law because we didn't want MLK Day to be recognized either even when John McClane was in office......

Seriously? John McClane? The guy from the Die Hard movies? If you're going to rant and rave about our politics you should at least get the names of our politicians correct. While John McClane was a kick ass cop in the movies, I don't think I'd want him as Senator. Also, I feel the need to point out that Senator McCain didn't have anything to do with not making MLK Day a holiday in Arizona. It was Governor Mecham (who was impeached in 1988) who rescinded MLK Day in Arizona as his first act of office in 1987 until 1992 when Arizona voters brought it back. Maybe someone should tell the TNT guys to stick to sports. I hope someone slapped Chris Webber up side his head when they went to commercial.

Happy Hump Day my friends!


  1. Ya know, my friend? I am truly amazed at the brutal (and uninformed) rhetoric being tossed at Arizona. The Feds dropped the ball and despite GWs attempt to fix the guest worker situation, this is still all his fault somehow. I'm so disgusted with politics at the moment. I make it a rule to discuss politics only behind closed doors. That said, I wish RWA had relocated to Phoenix instead of Orlando. Even with the heat. Just sayin'.

  2. Hey Silver. Thanks for stopping by. I understand what you're saying. I am so SICK of the garbage that is politics I can barely breathe. I thought it was funny though that the TNT commentator didn't know the difference between John McClane and John McCain. *headdesk*

    I wish they had moved RWA here too. Then I could possibly go and get to see my friends. We could have spent some quality tini time together. :)

  3. That would have been truly epic! RWA is going to San Diego in...sometime in the future...oh hell. Just checked. 2016. I hope I can make that one! LOL Though 2012 is in Anaheim.But..you know...LA. *shrug*

    Hang in there. Maybe we'll just pack up and head that way for a vacation. So AZ some love, ya know?!?

  4. That would be awesome! Stop by and see me!