Readers Have Expectations

That's just the reality of it. When a reader likes an author they don't ever walk into a bookstore or browse at Amazon thinking "I really hope one of my favorite authors has changed the way he/she writes or the things that she writes about. That would be really awesome!" At least none of the readers that I know.

When I pick up a Janet Evanovich book, I expect wacky craziness filled with humor, Jennifer Crusie is witty and has excellent dialogue, Karen Robards has mild suspense and H O T sex. These are the things that I expect from these writers. Is it wrong to have such expectations? I don't think so. I think that's why Nora Roberts doesn't write murder and mystery under Nora Roberts. She writes it under J.D. Robb. I think distinguishing between what you're writing to your readers is very important.

Having said that, I'm listening to a book (not the one listed on my sidebar) that is by a favorite author and it's just not clicking for me. I keep waiting for the plot to pull me in like it usually does, but it's not happening. I keep waiting for the characters to be fun and interesting and they're not. This has happened to me before with this author and I was hoping it was a one time fluke. I'm beginning to think it's not. I'm beginning to think that this author has lost their stuff and has lost their interest in writing. It makes me sad.

Has an author ever let you down or changed their style so much that you lost interest in their books?

Inquiring minds and all that . . .


  1. There's a couple of authors I gave up on for a variety of reasons, with the bottom line being their writing bored me. One of those authors went on to other series and I read them, and enjoyed, but I'm reluctant to return to the original, which she's still writing. The other, I refuse to spend any more money on any of her books. In fact I have several hardbacks of hers that have never been opened. They were gifts and I just couldn't bring myself to read them.

    I hope my friends and fans will slap me upside the head if I ever get...complacent? Sloppy? Whatever! Let me know I'm letting them down so I can fix it. But...that's me.

  2. Careful what you wish for my friend. I will be that person for you. Promise!

  3. No one specific comes to mind but I know the answer is YES !!! And you're not wrong about the expectations either. Although I CAN understand the flip side ...
    Writers/musicians/artists get bored with one style and like to experiment with others. Ever buy a CD by your favorite group and NOT like the turn they've taken ? Yeah, me too but part of my nods when they say, they're making the music for themselves first and this is the direction THEY want to go in - just don't expect me to follow ...