Since I was pouting on Monday, here are some hunks to make up for it. TGIF!


  1. Girl... any day you want pout - you go right on ahead if this is my reward!!!!

    No, seriously though... Everyone is entitled to have their day; but just know that you are surrounded by friends that won't let you go through that day alone!!! So... hugs to you my friend!! I hope your week has gone a lot better!

  2. Hey, Erika, I hope you're feeling better. And pouting is perfectly acceptable - so you go right ahead until you're ready to stop :)

    Hugs to you - and thanks for posting the pics, yummy.

  3. I only have one word to say - Yummy!

  4. Hope all is well girlie - wish I could better appreciate these hunks but my video card seems to have suffered some irreparable dammage (damn viruses - can't hackers find something more productive to do for society?!?!?) and all images are stretched :(

  5. Hey ladies, sorry for my late response. I'm working a temporary job and no "non work" internet play is allowed. Makes me sad...

    Anyway! Glad you all stopped by, I felt the need to make up for Monday. You were all so awesome about it, I felt the need to repay your kindness.

    Captain, where ya been? I've missed you!

    Ban, sorry about your computer. That stinks. I lost all my stuff a couple months ago to a crash, I feel your pain.

    Janet, Cec, thanks for the hugs. You guys are the best.

  6. Great pics. Yum!!!!

    And it's okay to have a down day. Just remember to pick yourself up...or we can do it. :)