Audio Books and their Readers

There should be rules.

1. If you have a lisp, you can't read an audio book
2. If your S's whistle, you can't read an audio book
3. If you can't read the words correctly, you can't read an audio book
4. If you can't read it any better aloud than I can, you can't read an audio book
5. If you think this is a speed reading competition, you can't read an audio book

For those of you interested in checking out audio books, there are good readers and bad readers. A short list of some of the best readers, IMHO are:

1. Anna Fields
2. Dick Hill
3. George Guidall
4. Frank Muller
5. Joyce Bean
6. Susan Ericksen
7. Sandra Burr

There are lots of good readers out there, but some people, even actors who I won't mention here, shouldn't be allowed to read audio books. There should be rules.

Is there anything that you think there should be rules for?


  1. Sheesh, what a question ... yes!!! Unfortunately, my mind is in slow motion today. If something humorous pops into my head I'll come back and post it :)
    Have a good day!

  2. Stupid people. There should be rules for stupid people. Like...they can't open their mouths. Or procreate. Or...well, be stupid!

    Yes, I am dealing with Stupid People(tm) today, RL. I think I'll go hide in my writing.