High School - ACK!

I hated high school. There is not enough money in the entire universe to make me go through high school again. EVER. I mean it.

The other day my daughter was going through a box of photos and such and found this hardback dark blue book, that in white out reads "Rik's Poems & Stuff". *headdesk* I thought I had burned that book! Thankfully she just wanted to giggle at me, because apparently that's what teenage daughters do. So I picked up "Rik's Poems & Stuff" and started reading. Holy cow was I an emotional teenager. UGH! I'm glad that's over. :)

In order to entertain all of you, my dear internet friends, I have decided to post a poem that I wrote on August 1, 1991 to an "ex". Now that I'm older I get to call him a BIG HUGE MISTAKE, but at the time, I was devastated. *sigh* Teenage angst, don't it suck?

I guess this is it
Our final good-bye
Our last loving look
For our last final try

Neither one of us leaves
With a sorrow filled glance
Neither one of us prays
To renew our romance

I guess it was dumb
To think we would work
But yet we gave it our all
Casting aside all our doubts

But time was a factor
We forgot to add in
And we proved ourselves wrong
In all that we did

The constant fights
The looks of distrust
Putting all of our passion
Into what was only a lust

We say that we love
And I believe that we do
But not you for me
And not me for you

There's another out there
Who is holding our hearts
Safely and proudly
And not in two parts

Anyone else want to share a humiliating high school drama? Please?


  1. Great poem, Erika! Says a whole bunch about the relationship AND the promise of a better future.

    High School - hated it! Your pic of GLEE - have a hard time watching that show because the lead girl is supposed to be a loser. Um, long beautiful hair, clear complexion, great body - NO! If you're going to cast a geeky girl, let's remember the out of style hair do, braces, glasses, no boobs or hips for that matter, no trendy clothes because my mom wouldn't/couldn't afford them...shall I continue.

    Yep, you guessed it, I was a loser in high school. And I wrote poems and stories, always had my nose in a book, experienced the dreaded "Invisable", and got excellent marks marking me as a brain! And I wrote a poem, only this was to a guy I really liked and who pretty well didn't know I exsisted - "I want to hold your hand/Before the Lilacs go/"/ Hmm, can't remember the rest, I'll have to find it one of these days.

    You sparked something this morning, Erika :)

  2. Erika the poem is really good. I have my own stash (thank goodness daughter never found it) of high school poems and stories that I wrote. Apparently I was a hussy back then too, just did not know it!
    And as far as high school... Would love to go with the knowledge that I have now... Oh would I be dangerous!!!!!
    Have a great day hon!

  3. Janet, thanks. I found a slightly dirty poem I wrote a couple years later about this guy I used to work with. Yeah, maybe I'll post that one on another day. ;)

    I love Glee. I think Rachael is a geek in all the ways that count, with the exception of her beauty. Plus the music is wonderful.

    I was a loser in high school. All I wanted was to fit in and I just didn't. Everyone made sure I knew it too. Ugh, thank God it's over.

  4. Hey Cecile, thanks for the compliment. If I could go back knowing what I know now.....I might do it. Then I could tell all of them to kiss my a$$ and not care what they thought of me. I'd definitely get better grades and go to college, but alas, I'm grateful to be done with it. :)

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  5. Oh - I think that's a great poem, you think it's all depressing and then you get to the last verse. I SUCK at poetry and thus never even tried it. Didn't write fiction when I was in school either - hated book reports, essays etc. so that meant I did NOT like to write. Too bad I never tried creative writing 'till college, I might have finished a book by now :/
    I wasn't a looser in high school but I wasn't popular either - I was an artsy fartsy type - oh and I was on the swim team. I had friends from all sides sides. I don't deny, I've thought about the whole 'revisiting high school knowing what I know now' concept but in the end, I didn't like high school enough to want to go back - I just regret the fact that it took me so long to be comfortable with who I am.

  6. That poem's not bad at all! My college friends used to call me the Poet Laureate of Cheek House. I still have a couple of spiral notebooks and folders with all the prose I wrote back then. One of my angty-ist was called "Who Mourns A Daisy." Another was, "I Am a Papercup." Rod McKuen was my muse. From Daisy:

    I wrote words in the sand,
    I tried at love and lost,
    but they were soon washed away by waves.
    Just like my tears.
    No one knew.
    No one cared.
    Just daisies and my teddy bear.
    Who mourns a daisy?
    I do.
    Because I care.

    Anybody need a barf bag?

  7. Ban, I'm sorry it took me as long as it did to be comfortable with who I am too. I wasted so much time worrying about what everyone else thought of me.

  8. Silver, I like your poem too. I didn't need a barf bag at all. Thank you for sharing. :)