Dancing With the Stars

Has anyone seen this season's line up? Anyone? I don't watch The Bachelor, but a friend of mine does and she texted me the line up as she watched it. Here's what I've got...

These are the names and/or faces that I recognized right away. Buzz Aldrin, astronaut, one of the first men to ever step foot on the moon. Did I mention he's 80 years old? Chad Ochocinco, football player, changed his last name legally to his football jersey number, except he didn't change it to Eighty-five, he changed it to Eight Five. ????? Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. I didn't recognize her name, but I definitely recognize her face. Pamela Anderson, former Playboy centerfold, Baywatch star and ex-wife to Tommy Lee, drummer of Motley Crue. She used to be a star, kind of. Now she's just famous for being Pamela Anderson. Kate Gosselin. Jon & Kate Plus 8. Reality television star and tabloid money maker. I like this woman. If people followed me and my kids around 24/7 with cameras I'd look like an abusive bitch too. I give her kudos for getting up there and giving it a try. I hope this will be positive media for her. Shannon Doherty. 90210 star, Charmed star and famous for being difficult enough to be kicked off two hit shows. I like her, figures right?

Now for the rest of the stars...

Aiden Turner, he's a soap guy. I don't know what soap but it's not CBS. Erin Andrews, an ESPN reporter lady. My husband knew EXACTLY who she was. Evan Lysacek, an Olympic Figure Skater. Jake Pavelka, star and latest piece of meat on The Bachelor. Niecy Nash. I don't have any idea who this woman is. When I Googled her I got hits on her "booty" before anything else.

And there you have it. Your line up of "stars" for season 10. What do you think? Do you think DWTS is running out of stars? Inquiring minds and all that....


  1. Since I have the hots for Maxim, I'm glad DWTS is coming back. As I look at the line up, I don't see a Giles or a Kelly Osbourne or even a Donny Osmond to root for. Personally, I find the concept of THE BACHELOR to be pathetic and don't watch it, though I admit I had it on in the background for the final show. Pah-leese! The guy's good looking but...yeah, whatever.

    I think they were going for some controversy this season to shake things up. I'll be watching simply because...Maxim!

  2. That's a good reason to watch. I like Maxim too, but I was disappointed to see that Alec wasn't dancing this season. He's my favorite reason to watch. ;)