Such is Life....

Mark Twain once said, "It is not likely that any complete life has ever been lived which was not a failure in the secret judgment of the person who lived it".

What does that say about the human race? I know what it says about me, but I'm going to keep that to myself for a bit. Do you think it's all human beings? I think it's probably the major of human beings.

What is it that makes people want to accomplish more than is humanly possible in a short amount of time? Okay, what is it that makes me want to accomplish more than is humanly possible in a short amount of time? I'm trying to figure it all out, trying to make it all work and I'm failing pretty badly at it. :)

I don't think I set unrealistic expectations. Initially. For example, my friend is having a baby (yeah, I'm so excited) and I wanted to make her something for the baby. I found this really great growth chart that I could cross-stitch for the baby. It's super cute. She's due in May, I might have it done by the time she's in college.

At the beginning of the year I signed up to read 100+ books in 2010 on J. Kaye's book blog, audio books count, re-reads count. I figured I could do this without a problem, not so much the case. I need to read 10 books a month (or so) and I'm only at nine books between what I have completed and what I have in progress. I'm running a little bit behind.

I also have multiple characters from two different stories that are running around in my head begging me to be written but alas, I am ignoring them. I can only hope that they don't give up on me and leave before I make the time to get their thoughts down on paper.

Did I mention I have two kids, two dogs, a husband and a house? They all want a piece of my time too. Maybe instead of focusing on the things I haven't finished I should focus on the things that I accomplished. For example, I made my son breakfast this morning, I followed up on some phone calls that I needed to take care of and I went to work today. I made dinner. While I was at work, I listened to Dogs and Goddesses and think I'm only a couple of chapters away from done. I blogged and I spent time with my daughter catching up on some televisions shows that we watch. These are all positive things. Wow, I was really busy, no wonder I'm exhausted! :0)

So spill, what did you accomplish today?


  1. Great post, Erika - really makes you think about all the things in life that you want to do, never have time for, then beat yourself up for. I wonder if people like Mark Twain, Einstein, Da Vinci believed they had failed at their life?

    And you are busy - I'm tired just reading about your day. I have time (not a lot, but more than you) and I still can't get done the things I want. Time management could be an issue :)

    My day is just beginning (19th) - but I have about 4 hours worth of the Day Job, then a book club meeting, laundry, a potluck dinner we're going to that I have to make something for, and I should vaccuum. That's planned - there will be lots of unplanned come up, too.

    Hope your day goes well ;)

  2. You are a busy lady! Me? I have 260 pages left to proofread. Am I working? No. I'm tweeting and blogging. LOL

    Okay. I'm going back to work. Really. Have a great Friday! (Oh...Don't forget brunch tomorrow. ;) )

  3. Janet, it sounds like you are very busy too. I would love to join a book club, how much fun is that????

    I hope your day goes well too. Have an excellent weekend.

  4. Silver, how could I forget brunch? Even when I don't comment, I'm there ogling. Have a great Friday, I know you'll get yoru proofreading done, I have faith. :)

  5. Wow, guess I'm like you - with the 'unattainable goals' thing that is ...
    Nice to take a look at things from a different angle - take stock of what you DO accomplish in a day.
    Thanks for the check!

  6. Ban, happy I could help. I'm very frustrated with my HUGE list of things that I've got to do. Life seems to get in the way of me accomplishing my goals. The house needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done, work needs to be gone to and the kids/hubby/dogs need food, love and attention. I've decided to try and focus my attention on what I have done rather than what I haven't. My hope is that if it changes my outlook even a little bit I might not be so unhappy with myself. We'll see.

  7. Oh, Erika, I'm right there with ya babe. I have a day job, my graphics biz, my writing, the house, hubster, dogs and cats. Oh, and I'm also VP for my writers group. There is NEVER enough time in the day.

    Example: hubs had to dig through clothes basket to find clothes, because although clean, were still wadded in basket. oops!

    I actually try to write down what I do accomplish each day. I'm sure you would be baffled at how much you do get done. Just a matter of perspective. :)

    Remember...you're AWESOME, Erika! We are women, hear us roar! :D

  8. Ashlynn, we're pretty awesome aren't we? Have an excellent weekend, try to relax and enjoy it. That's my plan. ;)

  9. I was chatting with my friend Wendy a couple of months ago, and we were down on ourselves for not doing all the things we should be doing on our respective To Do lists. Then she had the idea of checking off things we've already done. Took Shower. Check. Washed Dishes. Check. Paid Bills. Check.

    It really helped me reframe my thinking about myself. Instead of beating up on myself for all the things I didn't get done, I got to spend a bit of time praising myself for the all the things I DID accomplish.

    As for taking on too many things in too little time - well, you've heard the stories of my moron roommate (who is not actually a moron, just young & stupid). Spend some time checking off all the things you managed to do in a day, then look at your list of expectations and get real, girl.

    Now, go honor your characters and put them on paper already! Me and my characters are getting re-acquainted after a long time apart, and I can see now where I done 'em wrong. All I have to figure out is how to fix that. Oy!