New (to me) Author

I have been hearing about author Sherrilyn Kenyon for a while now from all of my reader/writer friends, you know who you are, so for Christmas I asked Santa to bring me the first couple books in her Dark Hunter series.

I must admit, at first I was skeptical, Fantasy Lover? Really? I read the back of the book and had absolutely no sympathy for our hero Julian, BUT I was determined to give this book a fair shake. . . I finished it in a weekend.

I love the way she writes. I love everything about it. The dialogue that comes across as real conversation. Conversation that I know I would have with my best friend if I found a book with a "Greek love slave" in it. (she needs to get laid too) The wine, the pizza, the sarcasm, it was all real. I loved it. And Julian....well, there just aren't words. I cried for his losses, loved his attitude towards his brother Eros and at the end when he chose to...well, I don't want to give anything away, but at the end. I had to leave the room my family was in and go read in my bedroom so I could cry fat sloppy tears without getting any grief from the peanut gallery.
So, to all my friends who have been raving about Sherrilyn Kenyon while I sat back and said, "Sure. Whatever you say." this big huge thank you is to you. I am a fan and an addict. Anyone who enjoys paranormal and hasn't picked her up, this chick is DA BOMB.


  1. Not a paranormal fan, but my sister-in-law loves Kenyon. I think she's read everything the author has written.

    I might have to give it a go :)

  2. OMG, YAY!!!

    I'm actually re-reading the series now. I started in October and finished Book 10 last night.

    Wait until you get to Acheron. 800 pages of Kenyonesque angst.

  3. You mean you were a Dark Hunter virgin before this? Oh wow. Are you in for a treat... the stories can be quite over the top, but they are quite fun and addictive. And I've been lucky to have met Sherrilyn Kenyon in person several times and she is the most humble, generous and kind person. It made me love her books more. Enjoy!!! :)

  4. I was too until Kira (Ashlynn) got me to read Acheron. I did like her writing (something that will keep me reading even when I have a problem with story) and the first half, while not really to my tastes, made sense as far as WHY she had to write about 'certain things'. (grief, it's hard being vague...)
    Anyway, the second half seemed a little weak but I'd read her again, if I could find the time between all the other books I have on my TBR pile.
    I must admit, I read Acheron first because I was really turned off by the plot of Fantasy Lover and I was told this one book could be read out of order.
    Ah well, I think I lost my train of thought - it's late, I'm going to bed. Glad you liked the book ;)

  5. Janet, J.R. Ward was my first paranormal author, I've been hooked ever since. If you are capable of buying into the unbelievable, this genre could work for you. ;)

  6. Venus, who? What book number is he? I just started on book 2. Does she have another series? I went to her web page today to get her address for my post and it appeared as if she has a lot of other books and/or series.

  7. Hi Christine. Yes, I lost my Dark Hunter virginity over the weekend to Julian. Somehow, I don't think I was his first. ;) I'm very excited to have found a new author to love. It's always nice to hear that authors are good people as well as good writers. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Ban, you have to give Fantasy Lover a try. I wasn't excited about the story either. I read the back of the book and kind of sneered and said "okay, here goes," and it was really awesome. The back of the book doesn't do it justice. I keep hearing about the Acheron guy, but I have this thing about reading in order. It's OCD, I'm working on it.

  9. Erika, no, I don't think you were Julian's first. LOL!
    I'm OCD about series order, too. Even if they are very loosely related, I still want to read them in order. Even if I wasn't so OCD, I'd still suggest you read the series in order of publication to get to Ash's story. While the first half of Acheron's book takes place before the series starts... I still think it is better to read it after you "know" him already. Then the second half of his book takes place at the proper time frame of the series order ... I don't even know how many. I want to say 15+? They're quick reads, though.

    Have fun!!

  10. Acheron is Book 12. You'll probably meet him in Night Pleasures, and then in all the rest of the books :)

    Kenyon has lots of other series, but this is the only one of her's that I read. I am already committed to too many other series to pick up another one. If I had the time though I'd add like 10 other series to my reading schedule.

  11. OMG!! About freaking time!! lol Love her! Love her! Love her!!!

    Some of her books are better than others, but all of them are a must read. You have to read all of them. I have them ALL. Even the books she writes as Kinley MacGregor-- those are her historicals. I've been a fan for over 10 years. Seriously.

    If Julian was in charge, well, you are in good hands! *winks* lol Hope you enjoy the rest of the books. :D