Dirty Minds? Anyone?

Hello my friends! I know it's been a while since I've come out to play, I have excuses but they're boring and non-productive. Let's play a game shall we?

The game is called "Dirty Minds" (brought to you by TDC Games Inc.) and the clues are dirty but the answer is clean. I'm thinking there should be a prize, how about a $10 gift card to Amazon.com? Comment to leave your answers and tomorrow I'll announce the winner.

Let's get started...

1. I vibrate, I'm a lot of fun between your legs, I can handle two at a time

2. I start with an "F", I end with a "K", If you can't get me, you have to use your hands

3. I can do it upstairs or down, I usually come in the rear, I sometimes make my living on my knees

4. You have to be brave to ride me, I can pound it day and night, I swell before I come

5. Sometimes you take me to bed with you, It's hard to stop my pounding, When I come in your head, you're miserable.

6. You do me with your tongue, When I'm bad you spit, When I'm good, you swallow

7. I've got a lot of dongs in me, I have to be hung to work well, I can get you up in the morning

8. I happen when you itch inside, I'm a sudden ejaculation, You know when I'm ready to come

9. I get on top of you in bed, Housewives spread me in the morning, Women sometimes do me by hand

10.When I get hot, I drop, I'm long and hard until I'm overheated, A total stranger dips my wick

Okay, now get your minds out of the gutter and get to guessing...I love this game. :)


  1. 1. Motorcycle
    2. Fork
    3. Maid/housekeeper
    4. Bull?
    5. Headache
    6. Lollipop? (or medicine)
    7. Clock
    8. Pimple or boil
    9. Sheets, comforter or bedspread
    10. Candle

    #4 and #6 are total guesses! This is fun. LOL

  2. Good guesses Silver, it is a fun game. It's even more fun when you have a group and there's drinking and snacks...maybe we should all get together, meet in the middle somewhere and play.

    Just sayin'...

  3. Okay, these are hard but I'll give them my best shot. I won't put what FIRST comes to mind. Oh gah, LOL...killing myself today. :P

    1. Motorcylce
    2. Fork
    3. Maid
    4. Mechanical Bull
    5. headache
    6. A drink
    7. phone
    8. rash
    9. Sheets
    10. Wax

    What my mind first thought was more interesting. hehehe

  4. Hey Ashlynn, our first thoughts are always the best, this game just uh, challenges our dirty minds. ;)

  5. 1. Motorcycle
    2. Fork
    3. Maid
    4. Wave
    5. Headache
    6. Boots. Ha! No, uh, Medicine?
    7. Clock
    8. Vomit
    9. Comforter
    10. Candle

    That's the best I can do.
    I have an interview tomorrow!!!

  6. Venus, sending you positive job waves! Hope it's not as strange as the last few I've had. :)

  7. Okay I gave up a long time ago... cuz my mind has stayed in the "dirty mouth - orbit gum" mode all day with these answers!!!! So, I will just not post any.. and say good luck to all of you!!!!!! Although agreeing with Ash... I like my answers!!!