My Interview with Carly

So I’ve decided to go back to the drawing board and try to regain my sense of what Jack and Carly’s story is all about. Carly has agreed to give me ten minutes before she has to be at her little brother’s little league game. It’s about 107 degrees outside and why anyone would want to sit outside in this heat is beyond me.

As I walk up to Carly’s building I’m glancing into entry ways trying to find the correct door number. I finally track down her door and knock. I wait, and wait, and knock again, wondering if maybe she hasn’t forgotten all about me. As I’m ready to give up and head back to my car, thinking maybe I’d go see Jack instead, she comes walking up in her business suit and a pair of flip flops.

“One day someone is going to figure out how to make these stupid stick ‘em in things actually stick. My heels have been slipping out of these damn shoes all day.” She says carrying her high heels in her left hand.

“I hope you’re right, for the sake of your feet. I wouldn’t know as I work bare foot most of the time.”

“Whatever, just brag, I don’t care, really.” she grins, “Sorry I’m late.”

She unlocks the door and let’s me into her apartment. “Go ahead and have a seat, I’m just going to change.”

“I’ll just wait here.” I find a seat on the couch and look around her apartment. It’s nicely furnished with a white micro fiber couch which reminds me of two things. One, she has no children and two, she has no pets.

“Can I get you a bottle of water? Diet Coke? Iced Tea?” She asks heading into the small kitchen.

“No I’m fine, but thank you.”

“So what can I do for you?” Carly sits cross legged on a big square ottoman on the other side of the coffee table.

“Well Carly, I have to be honest, I’m stuck. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m stuck because I’ve been solely focusing on your story and I haven’t really given Jack’s story a whole lot of time.”

“You can ignore his story, Jack is an imbecile.” She says without humor.

I laugh, “I can’t ignore his story. His story is an important part of you’re story. It’s about the two of you.”

“There is no the two of us,” Carly reminds me “I fail to understand why you’re even bothering, I know how this kind of thing plays out and it’s never good.”

“How do you know that, you’re story is just beginning?”

“You’re just going to have to take my word for it.” She gets up and heads back into the kitchen, “Are you sure you don’t want anything?”

“I’m sure.”

“Anyway, let’s not talk about Jack anymore, he gives me a headache. Besides, I’m sure you didn’t come here to talk about Jack, right?” she returns with a Diet Coke and sits back down on the ottoman.

“Why don’t you like Jack? He’s the leading man in this story. He’s supposed to be you’re leading man.”

“I do like Jack,” she sighs and sets her can on the coffee table. “He’s charming, he’s handsome, he’s good with Will, but he’s also a liar and a cheat.”

I’m sure my tongue is going to bleed in my effort to keep Jack’s secret, but I can see that she’s hurting, she needs to know the entire truth. “Carly, I’m sure there’s more to the story than what you’ve been told. There has to be right? A good man doesn’t cheat on his wife and we both know that Jack is a good man.”

She looks up from the edge of the ottoman that she’s been playing with, “I don’t know that at all Erika. I have yet to meet a good man. Can we please not discuss Jack?”

“Absolutely. Tell me about Will.” I say hoping to bring her to a happier subject.

“Will is just the best. He’s 8, he’s active, he’s a good reader, and he’s smart. He’s been spending a lot of time with his new big brother, Jack. With all the bad things I could and do say about Jack he’s a good Big Brother to Will. Will adores him despite what I think.” She grins.

“You’re very involved in Will’s life aren’t you? I mean despite the huge age difference.”

“Absolutely, that’s what big sisters do.” She grins at me obviously full of love and pride for her baby brother.

“I think my daughter might differ in opinion with you on that subject.”

Carly smiles, “She’s young plus she has a good mom. One who spends time with her and doesn’t flake on important events.”

“Did Bridgette flake a lot on you while you were growing up?”

“Absolutely. My mom’s marriage history is the reason I know that happily ever after doesn’t exist.”

“That’s sounds awfully cynical.”

“Well, it’s not. I have proof.” She says the edge back into her voice.

“Oh, well, okay. Happily ever after doesn’t exist in real life.” I say, thank goodness it does in fiction otherwise my writing career could suffer. I guess now I just need to convince Carly. “Well it looks like my ten minutes are up. Have a wonderful time at the game. Is Becca going with you?” I ask

“Yes she is, she’s Will’s second biggest fan.”

“Thanks again for the time.” I say as she walks me to the front door.


  1. Nice interview! But did you learn anything? I learned nothing from Jake with his. Maybe this will get your muse back, though. Something's gotta give eventually!
    Here's a LIT and hoping your muse is back!!

  2. Thanks. I remembered why I'm writing their story. Carly doesn't believe in happily ever after. I need to prove it to her. I'm hoping my Muse will be done with her Hawaiian vacation and returning shortly. I'm also hoping to go to the library straight after working my day job and get some writing done in the peace and quiet.

    Thanks for the LIT. I can definitely use it!

  3. see ? you can do it without your muse - and the lesson learned is the best of all ... WHY you're writing their story. now you have purpose :D

  4. Yeah, I can write without her, it's just not as easy. But I do have purpose, you're right.

  5. Keep writing it - Muse will either be pleasantly surprised or so pissed she won't think of going on another unapproved vacation - ever!

    I loved your interview. Love this - “You can ignore his story, Jack is an imbecile.” And - I’m sure my tongue is going to bleed in my effort to keep Jack’s secret...

    And I'm very glad Carly reminded you of why you're writing this story.

  6. Thanks Janet. I just talked to myself the whole way home from work yesterday into my little digital recorder. I had to edit the session down a little bit because sometimes there was just TMI, but I'm glad I did it. I think I may speak with Jack tonight. :) Thanks for reading it.

  7. Erika, I'm late getting around to posting this but...

    DUDETTE! Forget the muse. And you sooooo need to put that interview in the book! A conversation between Becca and Carly! That was totally awesome! Appletinis, LIT, and margaritas for all!

  8. Thanks Silver. This info will be in the book somewhere, I'm just not sure where yet.