Books On CD

Before I get started, I have to share this story with all of you, sometimes people surprise me.

How many of you listen to books on CD/tape? I used to wonder, aside from blind people, how lazy do you have to be to LISTEN to a book, I mean really. Then I got a job as a data entry operator. Let me tell ya, you can only listen to so much music before your brain is crying out for better/different stimulation. A friend introduced me to Books on Tape. I was leary, but I gave it a try. The first book I listened to was The Bridges of Madison County then it was L is for Lawless, The Horse Whisperer, The Midnight Hour and so on and so on. I was hooked.

I am no longer a data entry operator, thank goodness. However, I do have a 30 to 45 minute commute to work every day so I still enjoy listening to books on my way into and home from work. I have introduced a couple of my friends to books on CD and they love it as much as I do.

So what makes a book on CD enjoyable? The reader. Frank Mueller is just one example of a great reader. He reads The Horse Whisperer and The List, I thought it was kind of amusing at first, listening to a man/woman create the voice of the opposite sex, but once you're into the story it all becomes very believable. Judy Kaye reads all of the Sue Grafton books and Susan Ericksen reads all of JD Robb's books. These are just a few of the wonderful actors who portray memorable characters.

So my point, I do have one, is that if you haven't tried this wonderful way of enjoying books, I think you should. There are clubs out there that rent recorded books to you through the mail, but I must admit they're pretty pricy. I recommend using your local city or county library. A lot of times you can search online for the book you want and place a hold on it. The Phoenix Public Library has a Digital Library where you can download e-books onto your computer. Nora Roberts allows her books to be burned to CD so you can take them with you.

Try something new and let me know what you think. If you already listen to recorded books, who is your favorite reader and why?


  1. You have an award waiting :)


  2. Great post, Erika. I usually listen to books on tape while exercising on the incredibly boring treadmill. But, I admit, it's been a while since I've done that (both the books on tape and the treadmill - ha). I'll have to check out the selection at our library on my weekly visit there tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.

    Bridges of Madison County - loved it (the movie - not so much). The Horse Whisperer - up until the end I thought it was brilliant, then the ending made me want to pitch the stupid book across the room.

  3. LOL - I love the Horse Whisperer, the end made me cry though. HATED THE MOVIE WITH A PASSION STRONGER THAN ANYTHING I'VE EVER FELT BEFORE! Sorry, had to get that out.

  4. Ack, I lost the rest of my post.

    Anyway, I was saying, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who listens to books. I get so much more reading(?) done that way.

  5. whoa there erika ... calm down girl ... it's alright ... sshhhh, easy now ... :D

    seriously, never listened to a book on cd - may have to give it a try. sounds like the best way to 'read' a book and do the dishes at the same time ..

  6. Haven't listened to audiobooks, but my friend does. She reads slow and can enjoy more books that way.

  7. Ban - LOL yeah, I thought I would get over it at some point. Yeah, no that didn't happen. Won't even watch Robert Redford in anything anymore. Who does that???

    Anyway, books on CD are definately handy when cleaning and the kids are napping. I used to be able to plug in a tape in my Walkman and still be able to hear when the kids woke up.

  8. Hi Kira, audio books aren't for everyone, but they're one of my guilty little pleasures. :D