LSM Nomination Day

Happy Tuesday Ladies! It's that time again. This week we have super hero nominees.

First up, Chris Evans, also known as Johnny Storm from the Fantastic 4:

Next is James Marsden, also known as Cyborg or Scott from X Men:

Alright ladies, you're up. Who have you got for me?


  1. oooooo, uhhhh, my mind went blank ... :)

  2. Sent you an e-mail with my nomination. Can't wait :)

  3. me too - got my brain back once I backed out (less distraction :)

  4. OOoo YUMMERS on the first guy. Had to snag him for my ART file. *beg*
    Not feeling the second one--too much boy-next-door look.

    And I'll see what I can find for nomination. hmmm...thinks about it

  5. How 'bout The Phantom/Kit Walker, aka Billy Zane?

    http://www.byrnerobotics.com/forum/uploads/ChadCarter/2009-04-10_183410_The-Phantom-Billy-Zane_l.jpg and http://www.geocities.com/thaskullcave/multimedia/store/Kit_Walker01.jpg

    FYI, James Marsden and the Only went to grade school together. We moved so she went to a different middle school and high school, though within the same district. PC North is awfully proud of him.

  6. Good choice. I didn't realize he'd ever played a superhero.

    I feel like an idiot. I didn't even know that James Marsden was Scott from the X Men. Goes to show you how much eyes play a part for me. I was bummed when he died, I liked him.

  7. I'm not sure I can think coherently after drooling over those boys.

    Chris Evans has long been a favorite of mine.

  8. Welcome Captain, I haven't seen you for a while online. You're in luck, Chris Evans is nominated. :D