What about when the Writer deserts the Muse?

Do you remember my muse, the "Fancy" Caped Jones, and the conversation we had last year about her deserting me for two angels on sabbatical?

I keep telling you they weren't angels, angels don't sunbathe in the buff and these guys were definitely buff...

Yeah, okay, quit trying to distract me. Anyway, as I was saying, I was left to write on my own. It was fuzzy, soundless, blah blah blah. It sucked, but I persevered and wrote on without her.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

Quit interrupting.

But what happens when the writer deserts the Muse? It's my understanding that a Muse cannot write on her own. She is only capable of helping humans create and unable to create on her own. At least that's the way they explain it it the movie Dogma. Go Kevin Smith! ANYWAY, as our current situation would have it, I have deserted Fancy. I've had things happen in my personal life that have changed my daily schedule and unfortunately writing has had to take a back seat to life.

This has put quite a crimp in Fancy's life and she has taken her revenge by following me every where I go and singing Henry VIII I am and reminding me that I made a promise. Not only a promise to myself, but also a promise to her. I promised that I would finish Megan's story.

She did and she hasn't.

She's right, I did promise and I haven't held up my end of the deal. Having said that I don't think the punishment fits the crime this time, no offense Fancy but you can't carry a tune all that well. I thought Muses were suppose to be all inspiring.

We are!

There is nothing inspiring about your singing. I'm sorry.

Apparently there's nothing inspiring about your writing either, otherwise you'd be on top of it!

Hey now, I've been busy. I have lots of things going on.


I'll make you a deal,

What kind of a deal?

Quit interrupting and I'll tell you,


You did it again.


Okay, if you quit singing I will make a concerted effort to write 100 words a day.

You've said that before...

Yes, I know, but I will be better this time.


Yes, Fancy I promise.

Alright, but if you fall off the wagon, I'm grabbing my microphone and there will be NO SLEEP FOR YOU!

Deal. I've announced it publicly and everything. You have it in writing. You heard it here, I promise to write 100 words a day or else Fancy has permission to drive me to drink.

Drinking is an option? You never mentioned that before....

Have you ever deserted your muse? Is she evil like mine?


  1. This sounds like you've entered my life and are writing about it, Erika! Yes, the daily grind has changed my writing habits until they've become non-habits and the only thing I get written these days are my blogposts (only because I promised myself I would do it for a year - somedays, I could ditch that, too).

    As for Muse - well, she just buggered off. No torturing of the writer, just gone - so when I do sit down with a spare moment (or when I need a blogpost idea and the well has run dry), I can't find her. So I don't. It's making me sad.

    Good for you for your promise of 100 words per day. Good luck with it - let us know how you do and how 'Fancy' reacts :)

  2. Hi Janet, I'm sorry to hear Muse deserted you. How rude! Don't these Muses get that we have other stuff to do??? Congrats on sticking with your blog posts. I've gotten so bad I'm only hitting one or two blogs a day but yours is one of my favorites so I'm glad you're still posting.

    Maybe you can lure Muse back with candy? Or hot men? We should talk to Silver and send Iffy and Fancy out on a search party. It will keep them busy....

    I heard that....

    Just sayin'. My 100 words starts today. I'll keep you posted. :D

  3. Iffy is bouncing up and down demanding a Muse slumber party. Not. In. My. House!

    Erika, yay for the 100 words a day. I'm betting before long, you're putting out much more than 100 words. Writing goes viral, like YouTube videos. Just sayin'! And Janet, I wonder if Muse wouldn't come back if you started doing 100 words a day?

  4. Silver,

    Tell Iffy we can have a Muse Slumber Party at my house, but I have rules on running with scissors. Just sayin'. I'm hoping the 100 words a day turns into more also. My work life is sort of getting back to normal, well, as normal as a work life can be, so I'm hoping to have some more time to spend laying on my bed writing.

    Jack & Carly keep popping up every now and then with new ideas on how to make their story work. They're very determined. :) I hope I can make this work. I miss writing, I wish I could make it a higher priority in my life.

    P.S. Can't wait for Faerie Fire, I'm heading to Amazon to see if I can pre-order it.

  5. Good luck with your 100 words a day! You can do it! Seriously! You can. I'd bet on it.

  6. Thanks Karyn, I always appreciate the support. :)

  7. The Pure Slicing Bat is jumping up and down now 'cause she knows EXACTLY what you're talking about ... I have deserted HER - NOT the other way around. She is very alive in my head, she's jumped from story to story trying to entice me to write but so far she's been very unsuccessful. I made the goal of trying to blog once a week, just to keep my fingers nimble, but summer is a BIG distraction, esp. when one goes on vacation every other week. I tell you what, I'll join you in your promise only I'm gonna revise it to suit me better. 700 words a week. I will attempt to put results up on my writing site but I'll post progress on my public site :)
    Silver, Batty is more than up for a slumber party!!!

  8. Always good to have company Ban. So far I'm at 254 words in 3 days. I failed to write last night because I was helping my daughter with some work stuff she needed to get completed last night. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.