So You Think You Can Dance

I know a lot of you don't watch this show, so I post the really AWESOME dances so you can see them too. The dancers in this are Twitch, the All-Star (seriously) and Alex, the contestant. Alex is the dancer on the couch. He's a ballet dancer. You heard me, ballet. Check him out in this amazing hip hop routine....


  1. The dance was REALLY good - I did watch that Randy Jackson best dancing GROUP show with my daughter last year so I do appreciate good dancing (I just don't have time for too much TV) but those judges were a little overdramatic don't ya think?
    thanks for putting up the good clips!

  2. Ban, they were a little dramatic, but they were equally hard on the other dancers, they're overly dramatic that way too. It's a good show, most of the time. ;)

    Glad you liked the clip.

  3. I loved that dance - what a way to end a show that I thought had some amazing pieces! Missed the results show - so I'll have to catch it on MuchMusic this weekend (they always replay) and I think I'll watch the actual dance show again.

    Yes, I am that obsessed with dancing shows ;)

  4. Janet, my daughter and I re watched this dance a couple of times we enjoyed it so much. I did catch the results, but I won't spoil it for you.

    Happy Friday.