FINALLY! I'm back

The fabulous IT guy, Scott, has finally come through for me and I'm back up and running.

It's been an interesting week (past 7 days). The Cardinals blew it on Saturday against the Saints in the Playoffs. The defense didn't realize there was a game and stayed home and the offense got a really bad case of Can't Seem to Stop Dropping The Ballitis. I must say though, if we had to get knocked out of the playoffs, I'm glad it was to the Saints. Go Reggie!

My car broke down and spent last week and the weekend in the shop, it is also back home with a new alternator and A/C compressor. Thank goodness for the extended warranty.

And the third thing that went wrong, (you know these things come in threes) I lost my job. I have two part-time jobs to replace the one full time job I was laid off from in January 2008, but now, I am sadly down to one. These things happen. People are still trying to save money and I'm a luxury item. How many people really need a personal assistant? Not many.

It's all good though. Until I can find something else to do on Tuesday & Thursday I'm going to try to put more time towards writing on those days. I'm currently working on an outline based on a true story from my teen-age years. I don't want to get into too much detail, but suffice it to say that I need to schedule some interviews with the people from that "adventure" that I am still in contact with. I want to spend some time and get their side of the story. I think I'm going to be basing it from a couple of different perspectives. I will definitely be discussing this with my beta blogger friends, looking for advice and such.

So what do you do to get over something lousy? Me? I try to redirect my focus. I try to not put too much attention on something I can't change. Everything happens for a reason and I'm sure something awesome is out there waiting for me.

Happy Reading!


  1. I think it's cool that your writing a YA book. Like I said over on my blog, those are very popular. When you said interviews, I thought you meant character interviews, like I do. But you meant real people! haha Yeah, my brain is working slow today.

    What do I do when things go bad? I try to focus on what is right in my world, and do something that relaxes me. Reading is usually my go-to. I get to escape into someone elses reality for a while. :)

    And maybe it happened so you can focus on that book. ;)

  2. Oh, I'm with Ash, when things go wrong I simply look at all the things that've gone RIGHT!!!
    Looking back often does that, you get to see how you made it through situations and remember how useless/helpless you felt at the time...

    I'm all for YA as well - I've got a few of those brewing in my head (along with the other dozen or so stories I'll never get done ;)

  3. Ashlynn, they are character interviews. The people that I'm going to be interviewing were actually there. I'm going to get their take on all of it. Trying to keep them in the 15 year old girl mind set. It's not fictional character interviews, but still character interviews. Besides, the whole story is going to be "based" on actual events, there will have to be some fiction added to keep the reader interested, otherwise I think there might be too many gaps.

  4. Ban, I'm with you. I have so many different potential stories brewing in my head that I sometimes get them confused. ;)

    I think I might put a synopsis (sort of)on my blog this week so that I can get feedback.

  5. YAY! You're back!!
    Boooo! You lost one of your jobs. Thank God you put in the extra effort before x-mas, and didn't count on a later paycheque. I'm so sorry, sugar.

    Good on you for taking that extra time and looking forward with it. Onwards and upwards.