Do You See The Resemblance?

This young man is Steven Strait. He's the hottie from Sky High, Warren Peace and just one of the hotties from The Covenant, Caleb.

This young man we all know, Taylor Lautner. He's the under age hottie from the Twilight movies. He was also Shark Boy. Anybody else get stuck watching that??

Do you think they're related??


  1. oooo Taylor is soo much hotter. But they do look alike. Anyone else think his neck is sexy? Or is this just me??? *beg*

  2. I'm taking the fifth. He doesn't turn 18 until February....

  3. I've always had a thing for Steven Strait! (he's from NY)
    He was also in 10,000 BC and Undiscovered. I used the pic of him as Warren Peace for a young version reference of Ryen. http://www.popstarsplus.com/images/StevenStraitPicture.jpg
    but this one is nice to look at too ...
    http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_UIuJB0MdD1w/SViWf1Nj23I/AAAAAAAACUg/6Hy8odB4sd4/s400/Jacob_+Steven+Strait.jpg (just ignore the girly hair in the bw pic)
    Hey Ash, we Finally disagree on a guy !?!

  4. sorry - the links didn't work. now you'll have to cut and paste :(

  5. Those pics are nice. We watched the featurette that was in The Covenant and they showed him with a goatee, yum. The boy is H.O.T. HOT!