CMA Awards

First of all, I would like to say, I know the whole Taylor Swift/Kanye West thing is old news, HOWEVER, country music forgets nothing. Get a good laugh about 42 seconds into this video.

Happy Friday my friends.


  1. LOL! Did you see the part later when Little Jimmy Dickens interrupted Brad Paisley's fake acceptance speech?

    Don't mess with C&W stars/fan. They take care of their own!

  2. Yes they do Silver! I think that is great that they are reminding the public that manners are important, lmao!!!! Great post! Have a great weekend honey!

  3. So wished I'd seen it but alas, my husband has no appreciation for country. Have to listen to it when he's not home or on my ipod. GMAC is usually on during the day as I'm not really a TV person but I do enjoy the 'country news' :D
    Thanks for sharing that Erika !