Back In The Saddle Again, So To Speak

Tonight I dug around my house and found all of my writing materials. I must admit, it was a search. I knew I had left all my stuff in a breast cancer shopping bag that I bought at Safeway for a $1.00 donation. I looked in my closet, I looked under my bed. I went outside and looked under the seats of my car. I found the breast cancer bag, but it was empty. I searched the garage, well as much as a quick glance around can be called searching and I asked my son if he had seen any of it. No luck. I was beginning to panic, so I went out to the garage again and did a slightly more thorough "search" and what do you know? I found it. In a completely different but exactly the same breast cancer shopping bag. Phew! I was sweating for a minute there.

So I sat down and pulled out all of my papers and started sorting through them. I found my printed out document for Jack & Carly and with it was a note from my friend Vera who I asked (over a year ago) to read what I had so far and give me her feedback. I did this knowing she would be brutally honest with me, she wouldn't spare my feelings. If it sucked, she would tell me, and that's what I needed. The good news? She said the only thing she hated about it was that it wasn't complete. *snoopy dance* She gave me a list of items that she either had questions or comments about. It's a good list. She caught things that I didn't pick up on and she caught things that I knew in my head and just didn't bother to share with the reader. Important stuff!

So tonight I sat down and went over her notes. I'm not going to tell you what they were because I'm vain and I don't want you to know what mistakes I made, I want you to think I'm BRILLIANT all by myself. Don't tell Vera. Going over her comments and questions had me looking over parts of the story that I hadn't remembered I wrote and questioning where sections were that I was pretty sure I had written. I guess I must have taken them out.....I dunno, but it got me back into the spirit of my story and I'm very psyched.

I have scenes running over and over my head. The characters are screaming to be heard and I can't type fast enough to keep up with them all. I have to remind them that I do need to sleep and work. Dammit.

So in the spirit of Jack & Carly and all that they mean to me I wanted to share with all of you that I am back in the saddle. Or maybe it's the computer chair, but either way I'm back on the write track again. Get it?


  1. Ha, we seem to be on the same 'page', Erika! I, too, have pulled out a story I started years ago and have dusted off the writing desk (yes, it's the same one I use for my day job - but I made some room for my writing 'stuff').

    So happy to hear that you're back in the chair - and excited! Looking forward to hearing more about Jack and Carly - and your writing adventures!! You go :)

  2. WooHoo!! I'm so glad you found your WIP and dusted off the old writing chair. :D I know exactly how you feel. Enjoy it and don't beat yourself up when you don't work. Just be happy when you do. (I'm really trying to learn that)

    You got this! Rock it out!